Hi and welcome to covered in His dust!  You might wonder why on earth anybody would want to be covered in dust and whose dust is it exactly.

Let me explain.

There’s an ancient Jewish proverb that says,

“Follow the rabbi, drink in his words, and be covered with the dust of his feet.”

Back in Jesus’ day, students of a rabbi would follow him around and in order to be sure they didn’t miss anything important that the rabbi said, they’d have to stick close behind him…in other words, one would end up covered in his dust for having stayed so close to the rabbi while walking along the road.

I’ve had seasons where I’ve walked so close to Jesus that I’ve been covered in His dust. And I’ve had seasons where I’ve lagged so far behind that I’ve been only lightly sprinkled in it. But I keep following along because in my heart of hearts, I know his path is right and good.

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