1 word. 365 days.

Lord, I don’t want to float through my day, barely aware of You.

I never want You to be an afterthought.

That’s my prayer for this year.

And the response of God was,

Be intentional.

And I realize just how little intent I’ve had.  A million thoughts and ideas find their way in and out of my mind.

Wishes wished to be more like her because she knows her Bible so well.

A heart’s desire to hear from God like he does.

An ache to spend time alone in the quiet with the Lover like she does.

But none of that just…happens.

You don’t accidentally learn scripture.

You don’t build a relationship in passing.

You don’t escape to the quiet without moving away from the noise.

Be intentional.

Resolve to do…and then do.

I will put one foot in front of the other and follow along behind the Master…on purpose.

I will seek You out with everything in me.

I will fix my eyes on You, God.

My faith is intentional.


It’s not about resolutions.

It’s not about “doing” better or “being” better.

It’s just one word.

But not just any word.

It’s your word.


The List

Alright well it’s that time of year….THE LIST!!!!  Resolutions for things I will do different this upcoming year.  Honestly I don’t know why I ever make a “list” because I never do what I say I’m going to do, but maybe if I share my list with you, it will make me more likely to at least acknowledge it from time to time.  Feel free to periodically hold me accountable.  Here goes…

1.  I will finish something.  I am the world’s worst procrastinator and the world’s best at losing interest in something.  I have been doing an honest assessment of myself recently and have found that I am in fact all talk.  I have lots of great ideas, I just have no follow through.  Yes…this year, I will finish something.

2.  I will be more consistent with my blog.  I started out strong, as always, but then my posts became less and less regular and further and further apart (see #1).  I love blogging.  I will not quit.  I will not give up.  I will blog.  It’s a matter of discipline.

3.  I will not buy any more books until I read the ones I have.  Nevermind.  That’s a total fallacy.  Won’t happen.  Next…

4.   I will lose weight.  I will eat better and exercise.  I will make healthier choices.  My children follow my lead and if I’m making poor health-related choices, they probably will as well.  If Jesus were here in the flesh to visit for a week, would I serve dinner on paper plates and make Him sleep on the floor?  Would I not clean the house from top to bottom before He got here?   Wouldn’t I want my home to look nice for Him?  Of course.  So why do I offer Him a flabby temple (i.e. – my body) in which to dwell.  He deserves better than that.

5.  I will spend less time learning about God and more time getting to know God.  I love learning about God, about the time in which Jesus lived, about Jewish traditions, about word studies of the Hebrew language…but I have a terrible habit of allowing that to consume more of my time than just hanging out with God.  I want to know more about HIM.  I want to learn how to listen more and talk less. 

I think I’ll stop there for now.  I’m sure I’ll be adding more to the list in the new few days.  Happy New Year!