Randomness at 1am…

Almost two weeks since I sat down at this keyboard with a blog in mind.  My how time passes when you aren’t paying attention.  But please don’t hold it against me.  See my brain currently isn’t functioning at its highest capacity.  And well, time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future.  I thought, well for the sake of letting anyone know who might have an inclination to care, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  Just haven’t really had anything to say that I thought was worth sharing.  Still don’t really.  My day-to-day life…well it just isn’t interesting enough to hold my attention, much less yours.  So I guess I’ll share with you just a few random thoughts that are currently floating around in my mind.  Here goes…

Why is it that in many of the mainstream clothing catalogs, all the women that are modeling plus sized clothing are not “plus sized?”  I mean come on.  If I’m gonna order that dress, can I at least see a realistic idea of what it will look like when it’s on my body?

Am I the only one who is just about exhausted with Christmas music this year?  If I hear Clay Aiken doing “Mary Did You Know” one more time, I think I will just scream.  Don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely love Christmas.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  (dangit, that’s a Christmas song isn’t it???)  The reason for Christmas – Immanuel – God’s plan of redemption being set into motion is the most amazing thing!  A new mom, holding this wrinkled little baby while the man who will call himself this child’s father stares in awe.  And a crowd is gathering outside…shepherds who have seen the most amazing thing just now – an angel, Gabriel, a heavenly messenger who shares the good news of this new life – this little child, who will grow to a man, who will be a Savior for us all.  Ah yes, the bleating of the sheep, the smell of the hay, the sound of Mariah Carey in the background.  Wait, what? 

I love ginger-ale. 

So, the Bible says in Genesis 50 that when Jacob died, Joseph had him embalmed.  Now keeping in mind that Jacob was in Egypt when he died so it was the Egyptians who “embalmed” him…did that mean that he was made into a mummy?  And if so, does that also mean that there’s a chance that someone could run across his body at some point?  I mean think about the Egyptian mummies that have been recovered.  Most if not all have been in such a well-preserved state that you can still get a good idea of what they looked like.  How nuts would that be?  To actually get to see what the father of the 12 Tribes of Israel looked like???

Why is it that when men age, the hair on their head starts to fall out but their eyebrows and nose hairs go insane and then hair starts growing out of their ears.  Is this some sort of dementia on the hairs’ parts that they forget where exactly it is that they are supposed to grow but know they are in the general vicinity?

Why is it that Leo DiCaprio has to have at least one scrunched-up-face, crying-while-screaming, vein-popping-out scene in almost every movie he makes?  He’s so handsome until he makes that face. 

I don’t know who it was that came up with the idea of the non-bleeding dry highlighters, but they were some smart folks.  I can just highlight away in my Bible and won’t get confused about which page/verse it was that I had marked.  If you don’t have one of those, you really should get one.  Neat little thing.

Do you think Jesus has a favorite color?

The federal government recently redesigned the one hundred dollar bill and fancied it all up with some new high-tech security features.  However, once the bills went to print, they were in fact so high-tech that the printing presses couldn’t print them properly and so 1.1 billion bills were involved in a misprint and they are currently being quarantined until somebody can figure out how to separate the bad bills from the useable ones.  Mind you, it cost our government  somewhere in the area of $120 million to print these bills that are currently unable to be circulated.  Can somebody explain this to me?  There are people in this country with no jobs.  There are people all over the world starving to death.  But we have $120 million just lying around to waste on reprinting bills?  Seriously?  Read more about that one here.

My husband is from Panama.  I once asked him during Thanksgiving how they celebrated that particular holiday in Panama.  I’ll let you think on that one a moment.

Don’t you think it’s just amazing how our sense of smell is tied to our memory?  You know, how you can smell a smell and it will remind you of a place you’ve been or a person you love (or loved).  And that whole deja vu bit where something happens and you just know it’s happened before.  Isn’t that just the craziest thing?

Hey, do you ever feel lost?  I mean like restless or misplaced but you can’t really explain it.  Like there’s no real rational reason for you to feel that way because you have a great job, great family, great life but somehow you just feel like you don’t belong?  I might not have all the answers, but this one I know (thanks to Beth Moore for pointing this out).  If you feel lost or restless, but just can’t put your finger on why…well it’s because you don’t belong here.  This temporary dwelling will never fit exactly right because it’s not where we are meant to stay.  We are built for eternity and our souls long for Home.  Our spirits ache to be with Him, to lay eyes on His glorious face.

Welp, I guess I’ll save the rest of my random thoughts for another time.  Oh and by the way, did You know that God loves you?  I don’t mean that trite little “smile, God loves you!” kind of love.  I mean that kind of love that is deeper than the ocean, that spans time and space, that covers a multitude of sins.  Well, He does.


I know I gossip, but at least I don’t do drugs or have sex with the President…

In a sermon my pastor preached recently, he pointed out how that as Christians, we sometimes have the tendency to categorize sin.  Like there’s a category of really bad ones like murder, adultery, or homosexuality and then there’s the other sins that are really just minor ones like gossiping, telling little white lies or fudging just a bit on your taxes.  I guess we think that such small little indiscretions can’t really be all that harmful to us or someone else.  I mean, gosh all I did was tell my coworker about what I heard about another coworker, right?  I mean what harm is there is having a secret to share with someone else, right?  Until that secret turns ugly after it’s been passed from one ear to another and it’s been embellished to make it sound even juicier and then the next thing you know someone’s reputation gets tarnished.  But then, well you know it’s still really not my fault for passing gossip because I mean I did tell the person I told not to tell anyone else so really it’s their fault, right?  It’s amazing how we can pass that buck like it’s a hot potato.  And what’s also amazing is how we stand in judgement of  someone else’s sin but chose to not acknowledge our own because frankly we think that somehow our sins are not that bad.  It’s that whole plank in the eye thing (Matthew 7:5).

In Brother Yun’s book “Living Water,” he wrote a chapter called “Lessons from Esau”.   Remember Esau?  He was Jacob’s twin brother and their father, Isaac’s favorite.  Esau was the firstborn and therefore was the rightful heir to everything Isaac had and the birthright of the firstborn was a pretty big deal in ancient times.  Yet, in Genesis 25 we find where Esau gave up his inheritance for some lentil stew.  He’d been out hunting all day and so by the time he got back home, he was famished.  Jacob had cooked a lentil stew and apparently the delicious smell wafting by Esau’s nose was more than his hungry tummy could take and he begged Jacob for a bowl.  Jacob agreed but only if Esau would first swear to sell his birthright to his brother.  Evidentially his insatiable hunger won out over his good sense, and Esau ended up trading away his inheritance to Jacob for a bowl of stew.  Now from the outside looking in, it would seem that what Esau did was about the stupidest thing ever and in retrospect, he probably thought the same thing too.  It’s easy for us to look at Esau and think, “well now, I would never have traded my entire inheritance for a bowl of beans…I mean seriously, how idiotic and careless can one man be?”  Well here’s what Brother Yun had to say about it:

“Before you rush to judgement on how stupid and disrespectful Esau was to despise his birthright, consider all those times you have disobeyed the Lord.  Tragically, there are thousands of men and women of God today – some of whom once had powerful ministries that operated in the anointing and favor of God – who have traded in their inheritance for a bowl of stew.  To Esau, the bowl of stew represented something that could meet the immediate needs of his flesh.  The Bible says he was ‘famished.’  Many others have shipwrecked their faith and destroyed their witness for the Lord by giving in to their fleshly needs through sexual impurity, mishandling of finances and a host of other sins.  There may be a bowl of stew in your life as well.”

Well now, when you put it like that…gosh.

I starting looking back over my own life at the bowls of stew I put above my relationship with God.  Things with absolutely no eternal value and serving no purpose other than my gaining an immediate satisfaction for a fleshly desire.  I sit in judgement of the lifestyle of others all the while slurping down a heaping helping of gluttony or gossip.  And then later, that stew sits in my stomach like a rock as I realize the damage it causes to my witness or the separation it brings between me and my Heavenly Father.  I am disgusted with myself at how I can let such meaningless things take precedence over God.  But I’ve recently come to a conclusion about myself that may very well be true of you also.  If I am keeping myself filled up on the Bread of Life, I am a lot less likely to succumb to the savory smell of worldly stew.  As long as I feed on the Word of God continuously, I won’t find myself in a place of being famished and thereby making rash decisions and choices that satisfy my flesh but quench His Spirit.  And if I am tightly knit to my Father, then the chances are better that I will be able to show grace and love to someone else whose face is buried in their own bowl of stew.  Hopefully, I will be more likely to love them, pray for them and offer them encouragement and a helping hand than I will be to stand in judgement of them. 

Here’s one other interesting little tidbit…lentils are annual plants.  An annual plant usually germinates, flowers, and dies in a year or season.  Did you catch that?  They aren’t permanent but in fact only last for a season.  In other words, when the world presents you with that bowl of lentils that you know will bring satisfaction to your flesh (albeit temporary) then just persevere, Beloved.  Keep filling up on God’s word and keep seeking Him for strength to overcome.  And if you wait it out long enough, you will find that tempting thing that threatens to put a gap between you and the All-Sufficient One is temporary…only a single season…and the power you have in Christ Jesus is stronger than any trial or temptation we will face.  Just hang on…stick it out…don’t give up…don’t give in.  The incredible inheritance your Father in heaven has for you is soooo going to be worth it!

Then the King will say to those on his right,

“Come, you who are blessed by my Father;

take your inheritance,

The kingdom prepared for you

since the creation of the world.” 

Mathew 25:34