Little boy gifts

November 3, 2013

Little boy gifts

This morning the wind was blowing outiside just a bit and the little one (who doesn’t seem to be all that little anymore) and I were watching the leaves blowing off the tree in the front yard, when it got to be just too much for him to watch. He had to get his hands in it. So out the door we went in PJs and he ran into the grass laughing and jumping in the autumn air grabbing at leaves as they blew by him. After a moment, we decided it was just a bit chilly but before going back in, he stooped down and picked up this perfect leaf and handed it to me.

“Here,” he said. “I got it for you.”

“Thank you so much. I love it. What a great gift!” I said to him.

“Well, you’re my mommy and I love you.”

Thank you, Lord for the little one and for the oldest. These two are absolutely the apple of my eye, my very favorites.

the boys


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