covered in whose dust?

“Follow the rabbi, drink in his words, and be covered with the dust of his feet,” an ancient Jewish proverb says.  Back in Jesus’ day, students of a rabbi would follow him around and in order to be sure they didn’t miss anything important that the rabbi said, they’d have to stick close behind him…in other words, one would end up covered in his dust for having stayed so close to the rabbi while walking on the dry desert roads of the Holy Land.

Some days, I lag behind and some days I’m right on His heels.  But either way, my hope is to stay close enough often enough to eventually be covered in the dust of Jesus.


4 thoughts on “covered in whose dust?

  1. I was blessed by your love for the Messiah with a strong desire to follow behind his feet. It speaks of your strong and committed love for him. This speaks to my heart because, I love to lie at his feet. Sometimes, I tell him, it is alright if you place your feet upon me. Sometimes, I hug him spiritually so tight around his ankles because I am blessed that he loves me. So thank you. Your title is inspiring because of your pure love to follow his Holy Spirit wherever he leads you. I will say this, you will keep right on receiving revelation after revelation. It appears there is no end. Halleluyah!

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