Friday favs

I’ve noticed some bloggers that I follow do a Favorites Friday post or either a week in review kinda post each week.  So I haven’t been doing this, but it’s an intriguing idea because for one it helps give me something to write about and two it might make me get on an actual blogging schedule.  I’ll give it a go anyway.

So here’s a few favorites for this week:

1.  Ya’ll.  I don’t know how it happened, but I have become addicted to the Hallmark Channel.  Well, at least the movies and Home and Family.  (I haven’t watched When Calls the Heart yet because I need to go back to the beginning and catch up.)  Last year, I watched almost all the Christmas Countdown movies and was looking forward to them again this year and I watched them all again…some several times.  (My youngest would say, “Mommy, haven’t you watched this already?”)  But this year, what was last year’s temporary staple, has become a regular.  We’ve moved from Christmas Countdown to Winterfest in the movie department.  The movies have a lot of the same actors and can border on cliché (or go right over the border and build a house in the middle of cliché), but they are happy movies with happy endings and I need that in my life right now.  Home and Family is like a morning talk show, but it’s clean without craziness.  They do crafts and home décor and cooking and have guests on the show.  I’m totally diggin’ it.

2.  My space heater.  Oh, how I love my space heater.  My bathroom is always cold.  Like always.  And especially the last week or so, it’s been quite frigid for eastern North Carolina and we actually got snow this week.  My little space heater has kept my bathroom nice and toasty.  Because let’s be real…who wants to take a shower in a cold bathroom or sit on a cold toilet?

3.  This video?  Has cracked me up over and over again.  My oldest son showed it to me and it has been my go-to this week when I needed a laugh.  I also realize that I’m giving away my ridiculously childish sense of humor with this one, but it was just so stinking funny!

So these are my top three Friday favorites for this week.  You got any favs to share?

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