Weekend rundown

Tomorrow is Tuesday already??  For a long weekend, it sure went by fast.

We spent the weekend at a retreat hosted by a Christian summer camp in the mountains with a huge group of friends.  This was our third year going and I’ve really looked forward to it every year.  It’s a family weekend and there’s tons of kids running around having a blast.  I slept on a prison mattress in a bunk bed and it drizzled rain nearly the entire time, but was glorious.  The weekend was over way too soon.

One of my favorite things about this trip besides getting a whole weekend to just hang out with people that I love is that I get to see them parenting their kids.  And I don’t mean that in a “haha, look at what their kid did” way.  I mean it like in an “oh wow, so that happens with them, too” kinda way.  For one thing, there’s so much going on and the kids get pretty tired by the end of the weekend, so meltdowns are inevitable.  And of course with all those little ones around, there’ll be arguments between kids and arguments between parents and their kids.  It’s just neat to me to see the different family dynamics.  You realize that while we all might do it a little bit differently, there’s a lot we can learn from each other.

Also, I realized as I sobbed through the second night’s worship time that I desperately miss serving in worship.  It’s just my thing.  It’s where I come alive.  I’ve said it before, but there’s just something about the sound of voices coming together in harmony that just opens up the heavens for me.  I’m not sure what to do with that realization as of right now, but hopefully God has something in mind.

And too, I’m really starting to think that church has so very little to do with any one building or group.  Honestly, this weekend felt church-ier than anything I’ve experienced enclosed in four walls in a really really long time.  Spending time together, sharing stories and encouraging each other, worshipping together, watching our kids laugh and play together.  It’s hard to beat really.  It’s a lot like I imagine heaven to be.

Anyway, tomorrow it’s back to the routine.  By some housekeeping miracle, I managed to wash almost all the laundry before we left so my son actually has clean uniforms for school all week.  That’s nice since instead of uniforms, I’ll be washing old towels all week since the dog decided it would be a good time to get her “female cycle” for the first time.  Picture a little chihuahua in a doggie diaper.  It would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

Happy September ya’ll.

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