I really should be doing something else. Like working. Or sleeping. Yeah, sleeping would be good. But everybody else in the house is asleep and it’s so hard to let go of the quiet time and so I find myself sitting here at the keyboard wanting desperately to say something über meaningful and totally worth the sleep that I’m currently missing.

But nothing really awesome is in my brain right this second. Or at least nothing that you’d probably really want to hear about.

I could tell you about the fact that it’s the 6th of the month and I should have already gotten my budget done and paid a few bills like six days ago and I haven’t yet and if my husband is reading this by chance, he’s probably going to be pretty peeved right about now. (I’ll get to it, sweetheart. Tomorrow. I promise.)

I could mention the dishes that are piled up in the sink, taunting me from the kitchen. Oh how I hate doing dishes. Like enough that if it wouldn’t totally trash the whole atmosphere of the world, I would just give away all my plates and bowls and cups and just go with paper and plastic everything. Use it, toss it. But that’s totally not green and of course, I’d never do that. I mean, unless you think that it would be alright.  Totally would never do that.

I suppose I could share about how aggravated I am that one of the only three shows I watch on TV has decided to bring in some new politically correct, all-inclusive story lines and I’m totally beside myself at this moment about whether or not to keep watching.  I so love this show!  Why can’t there just be one show that doesn’t have to address homosexuality??  Does it HAVE to be a part of everything?  I know, I know.  That’s not a very Christ-like attitude…or is it?  I just don’t hardly know anymore how to react.  I think I’m going to just move to the mountains and be a hermit.  We could sit on the front porch, me, the hubby, and the boys, and look out over the beautiful scenery and sing songs about Jesus and play the banjo.  Or the harmonica.  Or both…because you know they make those things that look like a head brace that you put the harmonica in and you can play…while….okay.   Anyway.  You get the idea.

And about here is where usually the real purpose or thought for this blog post would start to develop.  It’s about here where I’d cleverly pull all this together and make some sort of wise observation about unpaid bills and dishes and homosexuals and how they all tie in neatly together into some sort of blow-you-utterly-away revelation about God and you will sit back in your chair and go, “now, THAT was awesome.”

But apparently that ain’t happening.  At least not tonight and not with this particular list of topics.  And the hubby just got out of bed, came in here and gave me the, “what in the heck are you still doing up” look.  And I’m sure right about now you’re realizing that you’ll never get these last few minutes of your life back that you just wasted on reading all this nonsense.

Look, nobody’s perfect.  

I’m going to bed.

One thought on “Utter nonsense.

  1. Aubrey says:

    I love you and this post so much I cried just now reading it… sitting in the office, trying to focus on wading through paperwork… sigh… between you and Ann Voskamp’s blog I feel like life will go on through the everyday stuff its made of… we need a conversation, like a real one with coffee and Jesus… before I lose my mind…

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