It’s so amazing to me how after what has felt like such a dry spell in the desert, just a simple revelation can be like a flood gate opening.

I met with a friend for coffee the other day.  I’ve known Darlynn for probably ten years or so and she has been such a great source of encouragement to me, particularly over the last few years.  As the facilitator of a women’s Bible study at my church, I fall under Darlynn’s section of small groups and so in part we talked a little about how things were going with that, but also she just wanted to catch up on where I was in my own heart…you know, just how things were going with me.  I really love that.  In a church of several thousand, and our leaders take out the time to meet with those leading groups just to chat and see how we are, both in the groups and in our own personal faith walk.  That’s pretty cool.

Anyhow, I was sharing with her about where I’d kinda been lately, how I’d been really struggling with getting in one-on-One time with God and Darlynn shared with me about this book that she’s currently working through called How to Hear God’s Voice by Mark & Patti Virkler.  And in just what little bit she told me about, I had this little revelation…and of course, I bought the book and started reading as soon as I got home.  (Another victory!  I haven’t been able to concentrate on a book lately.)

I’ve only read through the first chapter so far, but clearly one of Virkler’s big things is journaling.  And as I’m reading through this first chapter, he’s asking questions or giving journaling prompts to write about and he encourages you to stop reading and spend a few moments dialoging with God in prayer and by writing your prayers and thoughts down.

And it occurred to me while I was listening to Darlynn talk about the book and again confirmed once I started reading it..I think I know where I went wrong.  I stopped journaling.

See back when I started blogging, I guess I eventually started letting my journaling go because I was sharing so much via the blog that I wasn’t really taking time to see if there was more God wanted to share with just me…if He had any special things He wanted to whisper to my heart alone.  I never realized what a connection those written pages were between my heart and God’s.  Even just the quickest little prayer or word of praise imprinted on paper was a moment of drinking Him in.  It was a moment of intentionality where as words fell on paper, my heart focused on my Love.

And just in the little bit I’ve written today and yesterday, I can’t tell you how it’s drawn me into Him.  Prayers, scriptures, words of love…all His.

Do you keep a journal?  Maybe you don’t think you’re a “writer” and so keeping a journal just isn’t for you, but can I just encourage you in this?  If you haven’t ever kept a journal or did at one point but stopped, oh how I hope you’ll give it a try.  Remember, God’s not looking for eloquent words and fancy writing…He’s just looking for your heart.

Maybe you could record a scripture that has been on your heart today.  Possibly scribble out a short prayer of thanksgiving and praise.  Or maybe your heart is crying out for Him and brokenness might fill up several pages.  You could just have a question for God and want to seek His heart for the answer…jot it down.  Sometimes, I’ll even write out lyrics to a song that touches me.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it.  Some of my journal pages are nice and neat and then two pages later, it looks like crazy chicken scratch where the words poured out of my heart almost faster than what my hand could keep up with.  (This is especially comical when I’ve awakened at night and written something in the dark and then tried to decipher what on earth it said the next morning.  I’m sure Jesus gets a little chuckle out of that, too.)  I’ve even been known to draw a picture or two in there when I just can’t find words.  And really, it’s all just a bunch of love letters between me and my Beautiful One.

So grab a pen and paper…tell Him how much you love Him.  Pour your heart out to Him.  He loves you so…be drawn into Him.

Draw me, we will run after you,

the king has brought me into his chambers,

we will be glad and rejoice in you,

we will remember your love more than wine,

the upright love you.

Song of Songs 1:4

2 thoughts on “a simple revelation

  1. Kim Mills says:

    Such wisdom for someone so young. We are blessed in our church that there are so many caring staff members. Whether there are 50 or 5000, you only get out of anything what you are willing to put into it!! You,my sweet sister in the Lord, give so much and I have been blessed by the dust you have sprinkled over my life this past year. Thanks for your faithfulness to HIM!!!

    1. Girl, I’m just learning as I go. We serve an amazing God who as Beth says can make us smarter than we are! Haha! I can’t tell you what a blessing it’s been serving alongside you guys in Bible study. It’s my favorite place to be on Wednesday morning!

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