The writing on the wall

Scripture tells of a king in the book of Daniel who lost his mind, and then he lost his life.  I’m not talking about Nebuchadnezzar, although he lost his mind too for a bit.  This guy’s name was Belshazzar.  Long story short, the Babylonians had sacked Jerusalem and had taken the holy articles from the temple back to Babylon.  King Belshazzar had this big party one night and in his drunken stupor he clearly lost his mind momentarily and decided it would be a good idea to use the holy articles from the temple to serve wine out of for his guests.  He was having himself a high time…right up until this hand appeared out of the air and started writing a message on the wall – “mene mene tekel parsin,” which in my own loose interpretation means, you are a fool and you are now a dead fool.  And that very night, the Persians and the Medes attacked Babylon and King Belshazzar was killed (Daniel 5).

In that case, God was not given the glory and honor due Him and the handwriting was literally on the wall.  (Sorry.  Had to.)  Where God is not honored and glorified, death will occur.

On the totally other end of that spectrum, there’s a prayer room here in town.  It’s right in the middle of the downtown area within walking of the university and it’s actually above a skate shop.  There is some powerful worship of the Lord that goes on in that place.  The walls are painted with chalkboard paint and people are encouraged to write scriptures or draw pictures or write prayers on the walls.  It’s beautiful really.  To see the different handwritings…some neat and even, some scrawled and messy…but all written out of hearts overflowing with love for their God.  And all with words and drawings that honor and glorify their Father in heaven.

Stark contrast, huh?

On one wall are words written by the hand of God to a room full of people who blatantly defiled the holy articles and dishonored the Lord of Hosts.

On another wall are words written by the hands of children who adore their Father and call Him holy, worthy, righteous, matchless.

And so along that same line, I’m adding another page to my blog site called The Wall where I will be posting scriptures or quotes or just simple prayers.  I’d love it so much if you’d feel free to do the same.  Just add what’s in your heart as a comment on the page anytime you feel led.  I hope that this will help me further in my need for accountability, but more than that I pray that God will be honored and glorified by the writing on the wall…

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