Wow ya’ll.  When God means for you to hear something, He doesn’t mess around.  This past week has been filled with encouragement from so many places…from some that have always been constant streams and others from surprising places, unexpected.  And the river has flown steady and I am completely humbled by the kindness that the Almighty has placed in the mouths of others.  I am so grateful for words that were spoken and not held onto.  I’ve been blessed beyond measure.

I can’t help but think that this opening up of eyes to see God’s graces has opened me up to receiving them as well.  As the aroma of thanksgiving drifts up to the heavenlies, the affirmations flow down.  It’s a continuous cycle of me sending up, Him flowing down and it’s nearly impossible to not get caught in the current of joy.

Days come and go and although the joy is sweet, inevitably something else catches my eye for a moment and I fall out of His step.  It happens to us all sometimes.

But you know what you do when that moment comes?  When suddenly you realize that you’ve fallen behind and lost the rhythm of His holy gait?

You run, child.

You run as fast as you can.

And you keep running until you crash into His glory.

And you are there, chest heaving grasping onto Him with the grip of Jacob.

And He smiles down, brushes the hair from your face and kisses your forehead.

I wasn’t going to let you get too far behind, beloved.

I had my eye on you the whole time.

And as you lay your head on the chest of the One who Redeemed you,

you find the beat of His heart…

breathe in His scent…

find your Center again…

and continue counting the multitudes of blessings…

#162 looking back and seeing places where God’s plan was falling into place to create this season

#163 a strong hug from sweet Margaret

#164 the sound of Bible pages turning

#165 an encouraging word that calls out destiny

#166 peeling back endless layers of the Word of God

#167 little hands clasped together in prayer

#168 a quick visit from a neighbor

#169 rain early in the morning

#170 a bird hopping around tree branches at dawn

#171 a God who calms all fears

#172 having a friend with the same crazy idiosyncrasies as me

#173 sun shining through the blinds

#174 the little one seeing an airplane in the sky and telling me to make a wish on it

#175 the Jesus Loves Me jar

#176 godly friends for my oldest son

#177 a week that has been flooded with encouragement

#178 a blue sky fading to orange at dusk

#179 ceramic angel made by the oldest

#180 hearing the hubby talk about faith

#181 family pictures on the wall

#182 a pastel sky in the morning

#183 friends who answer honest even when honest is hard

#184 an unprompted “I love you” from the little one to the oldest

#185 strength and peace that comes from God alone (Psalm 29:11)

#186 the boys playing together quietly

#187 watching a movie with the family

#188 a long awaited-for book in the mailbox

#189 a chance to offer understanding

#190 lots of little self portraits on my camera



Do you have a gifts list?  Oh, how I hope you will join me in listing your gifts.  Please feel free to add yours in the comment section here if you’d like.  And I’d love for you to read Ann’s book One Thousand GiftsYou’ll be so very blessed.  And please also head over to the Multitudes on Mondays community and read more gift lists!

One thought on “a river flowing

  1. Katie says:

    “sun shining through the blinds”
    love this.
    the little things!!! 🙂

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