Five Minute Friday: real

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This week’s topic:  Real

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Honestly, this word made my breath catch in my throat.

This one small word…but such a big struggle for me sometimes.

Be real.  I just want to be real with you.

But how do I know what that is?

I wear so many masks.  Put up fronts.  Overuse the word “fine.”

So where is real?  How can I find the real me?  The one that is what she is because that’s who she is.  Not the me that so-and-so thinks I should be.  Not the me that I think everybody will like the most.  Not the trendy me.  Not the ultra-Christian me.  Not the “I have it all together me.”

Can I be real with you and you still like me?  And really should that matter all that much?  Wouldn’t I want to just be who I am without any bells and whistles to impress anyone?

Maybe.  But being the real me could be a scary thing.

The me who forgets to pray sometimes.  The me who can’t keep up with the laundry and the dishes to save my life.  The me who on the inside gets jealous of what others have.  The me who doesn’t always love others properly.  The me who truly has no desire at all to go on a mission trip.

Maybe you’d be less impressed with the real me.  But then, if I am that me…the real me…with you, does that set you free to be the real you with me?


13 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: real

  1. Yep. I’d take real any day. Thank God for grace to cover all the shortcomings–others’ as well as my own.

    1. Where would we be without grace? Goodness me.

  2. Being real. That’s what I’ve been tossing around myself for quite a while. Free to be me…great concept. And unless we are real, who can truly identify?! Jesus knows exactly who we are and loves us just the same. We need not pay so much attention on what others “might” think but be confident in the very person we know we are, even with our many faults. We too often try to deny, and live beyond, our humanity. We have this treasure in earthen vessels. It’s time to be real!

    1. Yes and amen my sweet friend! And for others to see our flaws, but know we are loved by Him is a beautiful demonstration of grace. (By the way…where is it that you’re going to be starting your blog??? Hmmm??? You write so beautifully!)

    2. So true!! I have tried for so long to live up to what others expect of me instead of what God thinks… I’m learning now that I can only be a God-pleaser…

  3. Yes, being real does help others to be real as well. We are learning transparency in our small group at church. We are better able to support each other as we become more tansparent.

    Great post!

    1. That’s so right. And I think part of it might be a pride thing. It’s hard to let go of that “I’m fine” mentality because it means admitting that we really aren’t “fine.”

  4. I don’t think there is anyone out there that truthfully “has it all together.”

    I love it when we are all real with each other – it gives me hope!

    1. Haha! I know what you mean. Seeing flaws in others, but yet seeing God still using them does give me hope!

  5. Yes, yes, yes! Being real sets us free from fear. Just this week, God has taught me that authenticity deepens relationships and brings healing in ways we never dreamed.

    1. Well praise Jesus for healing! It’s so amazing what He does when we take down those walls and let others in.

  6. I love having the privilege of knowing the real you… And yes, it does and has freed me up to be real with you… And I am so blessed to have that kind of friend… It’s such a relief sometimes when I think of seeing you and knowing I can be honest… And real… I love you my precious friend!

    1. We are the same. We both have failure and faults, but we also both have a Redeemer who is filled with grace for it all. It gives me so much joy to know you have that trust in me, to be able to be honest and real…raw even…and I can be the same. I’m thinking that’s how fellowship in the Body was always supposed to look. Love you…

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