continuing to count

I must admit that over the last week, I’ve not been as constant with counting my gifts as I had been when I first started.  That first week, we were on vacation in the mountains and it was so much easier then to see the gifts in front of me.  But then we returned to our normal lives – where everything is crazy busy, school for the kids, work for the hubby and me, church stuff, regular life stuff, dentist appointments, grocery shopping – and suddenly a whole day passes and I haven’t listed a single thing in my gratitude journal.

A day filled with precious gifts that go unrecorded.  They slip by unnoticed and a page that should have been full of blessings is empty.  Much of the day’s joy is left un-numbered as I (at the mercy of my faulty memory) sit in the evening trying to list what I can recall.

Father, please help me remember to be intentional

I stop and take a deep long breath.  My lungs expand as they fill with air.  My body receives and the exchange occurs…oxygen in, carbon dioxide out.  A mindless exchange, but without it my body could not function.  I can refuse to breathe if I want, but most certainly I would then cease to exist.

But isn’t gratitude the same?

Without the intentional thank offerings lifted up to a worthy God, would I cease see God’s hand?  Not that God wouldn’t be there, but that I wouldn’t notice Him.

That without the meticulous counting off of gifts, I would go days on end overlooking the little precious things laid before me by the Giver.

And this process of intentional thanksgiving…generating a cycle of purposeful expelling of anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy and the like, while inhaling joy and patience and peace and all the other gifts that flow from the Spirit.

Father, please help me to walk in intentional gratitude. 

Forgive me when I forget.

Forgive me when I hold my breath.

God, I pray that gratitude flowing out of my heart would become as natural as breath flowing in and out of my lungs.


And so I continue counting the multitudes of blessings…

#129 the way the color of everything is more rich after it rains

#130 an easy Bm chord on the guitar

#131 my comfy oversized sweatshirt

#132 chapstick

#133 trading my worth for His

#134 an even easier Bm chord

#135 a cavity-free dentist visit for the boys

#136 a garbage truck that’s better than the mail truck (according to the little one)

#137 a sudden interest in science experiments by the oldest (science project coming soon)

#138 One True God with many names

#139 the dripping from the shower head after the water is turned off

#140 Memorize the Mount

#141 big brown coffee mug I got from my trip to Gateway Church

#142 sitting with my dad

#143 all four of us together at the dinner table

#144 my favorite orangey-pink pajama pants

#145 open windows in January

#146 a good writing pen

#147 an invitation for coffee

#148 HaShem – The Name

#149 heavy eyelids at 8:40pm

#150 watching the worshippers arise

#151 a cat that takes a shower (seriously.)

#152 a Barnes & Noble gift card from my brother

#153 the little one wearing his Bibleman cape into the CVS

#154 Bugle claws

#155 homemade laundry detergent

#156 a red balloon

#157 an ache for quiet time with Jesus

#158 entering His courts with praise

#159 the logic of a five-year-old boy

#160 keeping in touch with friends from far away places

#161 water all over the bathroom floor


Do you have a gifts list?  Oh, how I hope you will join me in listing your gifts.  Please feel free to add yours in the comment section here if you’d like.  And I’d love for you to read Ann’s book One Thousand GiftsYou’ll be so very blessed.  And please also head over to the Multitudes on Mondays community and read more gift lists!

4 thoughts on “continuing to count

  1. I struggle with the busyness getting in the way of counting too. It’s amazing how many there are when I do count! Great list, full of His grace. Love the Bugle hands:)

    1. So true…when I’m intentional about counting, I’m always caught by surprise at how many there are! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Reading this as I wait for Lanie at the dr’s office. A break from the typical daily busyness.
    Thankful for doctors, comfortable waiting area, free coffee while I wait. But all that appeals to the flesh in which we live. Thankful for an amazing God Who knows and Who cares.

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