Five Minute Friday: tender

On 5 Minute Friday, I have the pleasure of linking up with Gypsy Mama and all the other fabulous 5MF bloggers!  The idea is to just write for five minutes straight….no editing, no over-thinking.  Just type it out as it falls out of your head.

This week’s topic:  Tender

When you’re done here, be sure to head over the Lisa Jo’s page and have a read over some other 5MF contributions!


Broken hearts in the hands of a tender God.  A God who is strong.  A God who is a warrior.  A God who is soft comfort.  A God who will fight for healing.

Oh God, I pray that you would mend wounds today.  That you would cover tender places with your healing balm.

For those who have physical needs, God you have the power to heal.  How I pray You would.

For those whose hearts are sad, whose emotions are a mess, whose spirits are downcast…for all those tender places on the inside, God you have the quiet calm to bring forth peace.  How I pray You would.

For those who have become hardened by brokenness, those who have built walls around themselves to shut everyone else out, those who have turned their face from you, God you are the only thing that can break down the walls, make their hard hearts tender in your hands.  How I pray You would.

For all the places that have become bitter and broken, hardened and callous, resentful and closed off, lost or fallen, Father I pray for your tender hand to move.  To restore.  To cleanse.  To heal.  To resurrect what was lost.

How I pray You would.  How I believe You will.


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: tender

  1. I’m stopping by from Lisa-Jo’s. I’m so thankful that God can take a heart of stone and change it into one of flesh. His tenderness is more than I can fathom! I add my amen to your prayer!

  2. an absolutely beautiful prayer.
    It is so comforting to know we have such a powerful, yet tenderhearted God who loves each of us and is willing to meet us right where we are!

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