Blessings in the mail (giveaway included)

When’s the last time you sent a card to a friend just because?

Well, I can tell you when the last time I did…yesterday!

And what an absolute pleasure it was. And it was just because.

Through an (in)spired deals opportunity from (in)courage, I got my hands on an absolutely beautiful set of greeting cards by Holley Gerth to review.  I could hardly wait to sit down and look them over and send them out.

And you know, usually when you have a card to send, you know who you are sending it to and why, and so you go and seek out a card that speaks what it is that you want to say.

But this was different.

What was cool about this was that I had the cards first. And as I read through them, I prayed for God to bring to mind who it was I needed to send them to…and He did. As of yesterday afternoon, seven of those cards sat in my mailbox and within a couple of days, will be in the hands of those they were meant for. I pray that they will be as blessed to receive them as I was to send them.

The card set came with a little note you can use to jot down the names of those you’ve sent greeting cards to…a great reminder to continue praying for them.

Along with the greeting cards set, I received a lovely lime green card organizer. Oh my. For someone who tends to forget birthdays and other special days (or finds the perfect card a month beforehand and then loses it only to find it two years later – true story), this is the perfect helper! It’s an accordion file with a section for each month of the year and a divider in each section with spaces for you to list out birthdays for the month and any other things you need to remember to acknowledge.


Honestly with technology as it is, my tendency is to send someone an email to say “hi” or a text message to say “I miss you,” but as I was writing little notes to my sweet friends on the inside of the cards, I was reminded of how wonderful it is to get a letter in the mail…that someone took the time to get a card, write a note inside, put a stamp on it and send it off in the hopes that it would bless me. I think this may have started a new trend for me!!


Do you send greeting cards to friends on a regular basis? If not, maybe you’d consider starting? And if I may, I’d most certainly recommend these beautiful cards! (You may even be interested in joining DaySpring’s Heart Connection Card Club.)

And an added blessing for me is that I have the opportunity to give away a $20 Day Spring gift coupon to one of you that you can use to purchase your own set of greeting cards (or anything else you’d like) and pass the blessings on!

To enter the drawing, please just leave me a quick comment about a time you received something special just because. (Also, if you’d like an extra entry or two, like covered in His dust on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! Just be sure to put in the comments that you did that so I won’t miss it.) Entries will be accepted until midnight EST on Wednesday, January 25th…the winner will be announced on Thursday, January 26th. I will be using the scientific method of choosing by drawing names from a hat!


A minimum purchase of $20 on your order is required to use the $20 coupon code.  Shipping charges will apply to your order. Coupon will expire December 31, 2012.

Disclosure: Just to let you know (in accordance with FTC requirements), DaySpring gave me this product for review and all opinions expressed are absolutely mine.

7 thoughts on “Blessings in the mail (giveaway included)

  1. Nothing beats getting snail mail – I get all excited when someone takes time to send me a personal note. My babysitter from 35 years ago still sends xmas and birthday cards to me and my family – she is amazing! Luv her!

    • Oh wow, that’s awesome that she still sends you cards after all this time! I love getting mail…I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of that. It just has such a personal touch. Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m entering you into the gift card drawing…so far you’re the only one!

  2. I love getting something in the mail other than bills. When I get a card in the mail it shows me wow that person really cares to take time to do something. I need to do that more often myself.

  3. My first semester of college an older couple in my church sent me a card around exam time. It was amazing and just what I needed at the time. They were foundational people in our church and I was overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness….
    Also, when I was in college I would get my friends to write notes to my mom and I would send the group of them together to her. Most of my friends had never met her but it was AWESOME when she came to visit and I could introduce my friends to that had written to her.

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