You are not your story.

So I know that probably seems like an odd thing to say.

But I was in the shower this morning (which seems to be where I do my best thinking) when something sort of hit me.

You are not your story.

Um, what?

You are not your story.  Only you choose to be defined by your past.

See I have a bad habit of marrying myself to past mistakes or even past victories and kinda settling there and not seeking out the next thing.

But I think we probably all do that to some degree.  But maybe even more so when it comes to major turning points or extremely difficult times in our lives.  It’s like we get stuck there and when we talk about God and what He’s done in our lives, we always revert back to that thing because it was such a huge thing, but tend to overlook the things He’s doing now.

Sometimes we’ve been in such a deep valley that God has brought us out of that we continue to relive that moment over and over, remember the thing He did then, but without noticing all the other things He’s freed us from since.

Or on the other end of the spectrum, we have such a revelation of Him and that becomes what we feed off of until we’ve sucked every single bit of meat off and continue on just gnawing on bone.  We keep trying to draw on that old thing, not even noticing the platter piled high with new revelations just waiting for us on the table.

I recently skimmed a couple of chapters of a book by a pastor that I’d heard preach a few sermons.  And I mean just a few.  Like less than a dozen.  And in the first few chapters of the book (which incidentally was not his first) there were a couple of the same stories I’d heard him tell in one or two of his sermons a couple of years ago.  I can’t believe for a second that God hasn’t given him new material to share in all that time.  There’s also another pastor that I’ve listened to from time to time and it makes no difference what he’s speaking on, he still somehow manages to tell the same stories over and over and I’m thinking…does no one else notice this but me?

Now don’t get me wrong.  I think God has given us all a testimony that we are meant to share, but I think sometimes we can allow ourselves to just keep living in that moment in time and never really open us to the possibility that God may just have even more waiting for us.  It’s like somehow we have that big shiny God moment (or moments) and we just keep flashing that bit of Him around.  We make God out to be so small that way.

So back to that thing I heard in the shower.

You are not your story.

I have to ask you this.  If for some reason today you lost your memory…from like Tuesday back you got nothin’…do you think you’d be less valuable to Him?  Like if all the God stories you had to tell were all new, do you think your story would have less of an impact for the kingdom?

Can I answer that for you?

Most assuredly not.  Because here’s the thing:

Your value is not in where you’ve been or what you’ve overcome.  Your value to God is priceless because His Son saw fit to die for you.

And your story isn’t really the one that impacts others for the Kingdom of God.  His story is.

And know this too…God continues to weave us into His golden glory – a glory that is bigger and greater and deeper than we could even pretend to fathom.  His mercy and His goodness flows over you right here in this moment.  He is not caught up in your testimony.  You are caught up in Him and He goes on and on.

New mercies every morning.  New blessings.  New victories.  New.  Every day.

And I just now am reminded again of what Martin Luther said…that there’s only two days that matter.  Today and that day.

So while we must give value to hindsight of seeing where God has brought us, we cannot continually look back as if that’s the only places where He showed His mighty hand.

You are not your story.  You are so much more.

Because if you’re still here, your story’s not over yet.


Gosh I hope I conveyed that well…

4 thoughts on “You are not your story.

  1. Yes, you did convey it well! I agree that it’s easy to dwell on what has been done in our lives, and that sometimes it clouds up our view of the fresh new things, the new testimonies God is trying to give us. In Exodus it speaks about not dwelling on the past, the “good ole” days. God has a fresh Word, a fresh anointing, a new day for us, full of His abundant blessings and joy. I receive it….this new gift of today…

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