This, friends, is the most beautiful Christmas tree I think I have ever seen.


Truly it is.

No, it’s nothing fancy.  It doesn’t have big fancy ornaments…in fact there are several on this tree that are handmade.  Like this one of my son’s hand that was traced and covered in felt to look like a little reindeer.  Precious.

And then there’s this one…a cute little bird house painted by sweet little boy hands.

And then of course there’s the Joy ornament that has been known to say Yoj from time to time.

And then there’s this one that was hand-painted by a dear friend’s mom. 

And my latest addition is this beautiful camel, a gift from a sweet Bible study friend…

For sure all those things make this tree more than special to me, but there’s something else about this tree you need to know.  See this is not the first tree we had this year.  We had a completely different tree standing in our den earlier today.  A real tree.  Water in the base.  Needles all over the floor.  The works.

See, I’ve had a bit of a cold for over a week now.  I’m much better than I was, that’s for sure, but I still have an icky cough and runny nose.  The Hubby wanted me to go to the doctor today, but I said no.  What’s the use when all he’s going to tell me is that I have a cold and give me a list of over-the-counter stuff to go by and pick up from the CVS?  Well, Hubby wasn’t satisfied with that so he checked with the doctor himself and gave him a list of my symptoms.  The doctor gave the Hubby a list of OTC meds for me to try but apparently knowing that I have allergy problems, my sweet doctor asked whether or not we had a real Christmas tree.  Yes, we do, Hubby replies.  Well that might be part of the problem, says the doc.  The tree could be bothering my allergies and causing my cold to linger on.

Y’all, the next thing I know, that sweet man of mine had taken all the ornaments off that Christmas tree in about five minutes flat, lights off and the star off the top and had that thing out the front door before I even had a chance to argue, all the  while the oldest boy is vacuuming needles off the floor.  The Hubby sent me off to have coffee with friends and by the time I got back home, there was a new artificial tree sitting in the den with lights on, ornaments all on, and the star on the top.  Is that not the most darlin’ thing you’ve ever heard?

What makes my new tree the most beautiful I’ve ever seen is this…it’s there because he cares for me.  Because he is concerned for my well-being.  Because he loves me.

This is my beloved, this my friend,

O daughters of Jerusalem.

Song of Solomon 5:16

I am so very blessed.

What is one of your most special Christmas moments?

4 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree Do-over

  1. Pat Kinlaw says:


  2. beto says:

    She won’t let me sleep coughing all night.

    1. Ha ha ha. You’re still awesome. Love you…

  3. The Abstract Thinker says:


    Just… awww….

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