Five Minute Friday: in real life

Alright, trying to get back on track here and it’s Friday…

and that means…

wait for it…

FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY!!  I have missed 5 Minute Fridays!!

On 5 Minute Friday, I link up with Gypsy Mama and all the other fabulous 5MF bloggers!  The idea is to   Time to stop, drop and write for five minutes straight….no editing, no back-tracking, no tweaking.  Well, maybe a little tweaking.  I just can’t stand misspelling words.

This week’s topic:  In Real Life

When your done here, be sure to head over the Lisa Jo’s page and have a quick read over some other 5MF contributions!

Okay, so here we go….START!

Wait.  Wow, I haven’t done this in so long.  I’m kinda nervous.  Whew.  Okay.  For real.  Here we go….START!

What is real life?  Is it what we see with our eyes?  Is it what we feel?  Every day we are bombarded with things of this world.  Bad news.  Death.  Disease.  Poverty.  Is that the real life?  Lack?  Is that real life?

It sure feels like real life.  But can we trust what we feel?  Is real life on the outside?  Or is the real life…the real real life…the eternal life that Jesus died to give us…is that my reality?

Should I walk around and pretend that nothing is bad?  That nothing is wrong?  That people aren’t starving to death?  That people aren’t killing each other?  That disease isn’t stealing away life as we speak?

That may be life as it were, but that isn’t real life.  That life is temporary.  These troubles will pass.  There will be an end to what the enemy has told us is the real life.  The old will pass away and the new will come.

The Giver of Real Life will burst the skies apart and with Him will come the outside reality of abundance that we’ve had living on the inside of us all this time and we will finally be whole.

That is the Real Life.  He is the Real Life.


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