Praise the Lord for fall!

I love the summer, but praise the Lord for fall!  I’m so glad to finally be getting back into a routine.  The kids are both back in school now and I may actually have a few minutes to sit at this computer and focus enough to pour something into this blog.  I’ve missed it for sure.  And may I just say that my hat is off to you homeschooling moms who are at home with the kiddies year round.  Y’all are awesome.  I, however, am not that awesome and I know it.  And I’m okay with that.  I know I don’t function well if I don’t get a few minutes a day to myself to just take a deep breath…inhale…exhale…and then I’m good.  I just don’t do too good if I don’t have just a little bit of personal space at some point or other.  It wears my mind out.  And I’m not real hospitable with a wore-out mind.  Ask my husband.


So I’ve read a bunch of books over the summer and have gleaned so much incredible stuff from them.  I’ll be sharing a lot of that with y’all here and there and I promise I will get my Reading for the Road page updated as soon as I possible.

Hey, have you guys heard of Alberto and Kimberly Rivera?  I ran across them on iTunes.  You know how when you buy something on iTunes and then iTunes so graciously responds by suggesting in such a neighborly fashion that since you liked so-and-s0, you just might like this-and-that and before you know what happened, you’ve gone down a rabbit trail of music and spent money on songs you’ve never even heard of and may or may not listen even to.  What, that doesn’t happen to y’all?  Oh, well I didn’t mean that I did that…I’ve just heard of that happening to some people.  But, you know, not to me.  Usually.


So the Riveras, who are husband and wife by the way, do what’s called presence or soaking music and it’s pretty awesome.  It’s just a free-flowing time of worship where they just go where the Holy Spirit leads.  It reminds me a lot of the Boiler Room here in town…which is very much like the 24/7 Prayer Room at IHOP in Kansas City.  That’s International House of Prayer, by the way.  Not International House of Pancakes.  Although I guess International House of Pancakes should probably have a 24/7 prayer room too for all the sinful calorie-laden food that they serve.  To be sure there needs to be a pile of repenting going on up in that place.

Just a little side note…my dear sweet sister-in-Christ with whom I witnessed the random lost sheep is getting married next weekend.  So excited for her and Jer.  If you think about it, how about send up a prayer for them and their special day.

Oh, and what about the earthquake, hurricane, tornado all in one week that happened here recently?  Well the earthquake wasn’t actually HERE in North Carolina, but we sure felt the effects of it here.  I was minding my own business sitting in the chair checking my email on my phone when the chair started shaking.  I thought it was a big truck or maybe a plane that had gone by the house.  It was kinda weird finding out it was an earthquake.  And then that was followed up by a hurricane a few days later.  And then the hurricane was followed by a storm system that spurred a tornado not far from where I live.  And yesterday a little thunderstorm came up which had something to do with some tropical something or other passing by and it blew the covering off my deck.  And this morning the sky was all dark and ominous-looking and we had another thunderstorm.  Not to mention Katia that’s out in the Atlantic and other storms coming off the coast of Africa.  It’s looking to be an intense season.  It would seem that Creation is groaning for sure.

Well, that’s all I got for now.

See you back here real soon…

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