Bet ya’ll thought I’d quit this thing?

Wow!  It’s been well over a week since I wrote a post.  Man, time flies when you’re…well, uh…hmm.  I don’t even know what I’ve been doing that I haven’t had time to type anything out.  I suspect however that it may have had something to do with my Mother’s Day present.

My husband got me a Nook for Mother’s Day and boy do I love that thing!!  I have some serious updating to do on my Reading for the Road page, that’s for sure.  I’ve read five books since I got it and am in the middle of reading about three others.  (Since then, I also found out about this thing called Book Sneeze where you can get books sent from the publisher to read and review – oh bliss! – so you’ll be seeing a few book reviews coming up here and there very soon.)

Two of the ones I most recently read were Blessed Child and A Man Called Blessed both by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright.  These two books were incredible…truly I could barely put either of them down, although honestly I thought the second was better than the first.  The first was about a boy named Caleb who’d grown up in a monestary in Ethiopia.  He’d never had any cause to doubt the power of God and so when he ends up in the United States through a series of unfortunate circumstances, he’s healing people and sharing his faith like crazy! The second book follows Caleb into adulthood where after having been exposed to the world, his faith has gotten a little shaky.  In this book, he is forced into the middle of a search for the Ark of the Covenant and in the midst of this quest, he finds his way back to the place of belief that he’d left in his childhood and some amazing things happen.

Okay, so I realize this is all a made-up story by a couple of awesome writers but you know, it got me thinking a lot about God’s power and what I believe about it.  I think we all say a lot of things, but then if we take a good hard honest look at ourselves, our lives tell stories very different from what we proclaim to live.   I know mine does.  It’s so hard to separate our logical thinking from spiritual truth.  The logical part of my brain says that this or that just isn’t possible, but then spiritual truth says that in God all things are possible.  I pray for God’s healing for someone and in the depths of my heart, I believe the spiritual truth that God can bring forth healing, but I can’t lie and say that somewhere in the back of my logical mind there’s a place that says it just doesn’t happen like that…limbs don’t just grow back, cancers don’t just disappear, unfunctioning legs don’t just suddenly regain feeling.

Not in the kingdom of logic.

Not in the kingdom of real life.

Ah, but in the Kingdom of God?  Well now, that’s a whole different thing.

All sorts of things can happen in the Kingdom of God.

In Blessed Child, Caleb talks a lot about walking in the Kingdom of God.  He describes the Kingdom and how when he speaks words of love and of God, the words come out in colors – bright reds for love, brilliant gold for God’s Word and there’s blues and greens and swirls and shades and hues and it’s stunningly beautiful.  Now again, I realize that this is fiction but it does kinda make you stop and think.  In the Kingdom of God, words have power.  God’s Word is alive.  God’s Word is more than just heard with your ears.  His Word is seen and felt and tasted and smelled and touched.

In “Celebrating Jesus in the Biblical Feasts,” Richard Booker mentions a Jewish tradition regarding one of the events that occured on Mount Sinai described in Exodus 19:16-20.  Moses had brought the Israelites to the foot of Mount Sinai to meet with God and the Bible says that on that morning there were thunderings and lightenings and that a thick cloud was hovering over the mountain because the Lord had descended on it in fire.  According to Booker, Jewish scholars believe that the thunderings and lightenings the people saw on the mountain were actually the voice of God but since it seemed a little odd to say they saw voices, this was translated in English as thunderings and lightenings.

Now how cool is that?

The actual voice of God is so awesome and powerful that it has the ability to not just be heard, but to also be seen as if it were fire?  And what power must lie in the Word of this great God we serve?

The power to bring healing where there is sickness.

The power to bring restoration where there is brokenness.

The power to give peace where there is fear and chaos.

The power to give life where there has once been death.

I can’t make my logical mind go away.  I can’t stop my brain from trying to reason things out.  God created us to be intelligent, thoughtful beings.  In Isaiah 1:18, God tells the people to “come and let us reason together.”  He expects us to use our minds.  But at some point we will reach a place beyond our own reasoning where God just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Let us reason together.  God wanted their reasoning to be done with Him according to the Kingdom of Heaven, not the kingdom of logic.

He wanted them to decipher and discern things according to the truth of what His Word said, not what the world said.  He wanted them standing on the right side of the fence between logic and faith.

Often times, what our brain says doesn’t match up with what our God says.  And although we really can’t stop ourselves from tending to think logically, we also can’t allow our faith to be hindered by our reason.  In the Kingdom of God all things are possible.  God doesn’t operate within the confines of logic.  He goes way deeper than that.  And when we’ve gotten to a place where things look impossible, when we are faced with situations that our thinking mind just can’t understand or make sense of, when we are called to believe in the unbelievable, we must trust in Him.  We must look for the colors of the Kingdom of God and believe in the power of His Word.  We must have faith in the One True God in whom we can do all things.

Ah, Sovereign LORD,

You have made the heavens and the earth

by Your great power and outstretched arm.

Nothing is too hard for You.

Jeremiah 32:17

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