Heavenly visions…

The sky looks particularly promising today.  You know those skies?  The ones where it looks like for sure you could walk among the clouds…like you can almost see depth and it wouldn’t be that hard to imagine a holy host of angels emerging from the heavens praising God.

It’s also one of those skies that wouldn’t be hard to imagine seeing Jesus show up in.  Because these aren’t those clouds that look like cats or balloons or butterflies.  These are those big billowy clouds that take my breath away with their beauty. 

These are the kinds of clouds that call my eyes to blue and white and silver colors with an expectation that only my soul can explain.  An anticipation of the One who created those clouds, who spread them across the sky with His mighty hand…a longing that cries out from the depths of my spirit.

God Everlasting.  Creator.  Redeemer.

Lord, I wait for You.  I envision in my feeble imagination that day when You will take Your bride by the hand and escort her into the gates of the city You have prepared for her.  To begin life again, renewed and made whole.  I want to pour over Your books and read of all the moments in the spans of time that You covered me, that You surrounded me and spared my heart.  I want to plant flowers in the gardens of Heaven with You and together we will watch them grow.  Will You walk with me and tell me of the days of old?  The stories from Your Word, told from Your own mouth as I listen and drink in the details that hadn’t yet been made known.  Oh God, to be seated at Your table with the body of Christ and fellowship with brothers and sisters whom I have known of but never met.  Oh Jesus, to bring you a song that is without words, because words cannot be enough anyway, but rather notes that swirl and flow like rivers of love and gratitude…my heart’s song that was written only for You.  How I long to see Your face, Beloved.  Come soon…

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