A little of this and that…

Well, it’s Friday and I guess I should get on over to 5 Minute Friday and see what’s going on over there at Lisa-Jo’s place.  Maybe I will…or maybe not.  We’ll see how this post shapes up.  If it goes anything like tonight did, well it could end up anywhere I guess.  And anyways, I kinda like the idea of just sitting down with you and having a cup of coffee and shootin’ the breeze.  Maybe this might be a new Friday trend…maybe I’ll call it Front Porch Fridays.  Hmmm.  But now don’t let that stop you from going on over there and checking out some of the other 5 Minute posts.

Well, anyhow. 

I met sweet Mary Kathryn tonight for dinner at the local coffee shop.  Was looking forward to some face time with her, catching up and all.  And we did.  For about 30 minutes.  At which point we realized that a walking cane that had been left at the front by the cream and sugar belonged to an older gentleman at another table.  And our delivering him his cane began a conversation that lasted the better part of the next hour and a half.  (Well and honestly would have probably kept on going if my son hadn’t called me to see what time I was coming home.) 

The gentleman did most of the talking.  He walked us through all sorts of times and people in his life – wives, siblings, cousins, uncles, his folks, grandparents, where his family had land in 1948, chance meetings with people he’s known that have known other people he’s known, a scandalous murder that ended up with said murderer being buried in somebody’s mama’s backyard, going to China three times while in the Navy, trips to visit out-of-state relatives.  Decades and decades worth of memories of his life poured out for two strangers to hear.  Well, I guess you could call us strangers.  By the time he’d been talking for a while, MK and I both had made connections with people in our families that knew people in his.

That wasn’t exactly what we’d planned.  In fact, we were going to go to a movie and wouldn’t have been at the coffee shop until much later tonight but we’d both decided against the movie and went on to grab dinner before it got so late.  Next thing you know, we’re sitting at a table looking at pictures from this man’s wallet and listening to stories about times past when the road I live on was still a field.

And you know what?

It was great.

It was great to just sit and listen to somebody else talk who clearly had a lot to say and maybe not many to say it to.  (Because you know, it’s just not always about me.)  And he did have some pretty interesting stuff to share.  It’s amazing sometimes what you’ll hear if you just get quiet and listen.

Hey, you know I was listening to Chuck Missler last night.  It was a series he was doing on Heaven and Hell and I thought it was appropriate since that’s the subject at hand lately.  I’m reading Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven and we are in the middle of a sermon series at church right now on Heaven.  If you’ve never listened to Dr. Missler before, you really should check him out.  He’s pretty deep sometimes and I have to go back and re-listen but after last night, I was surprised to still have my hair on my head.  I thought for sure he’d blown it right off with all he shared.  Sometimes he gets a bit deep into science and physics and stuff and I get a little lost but nevertheless he makes his point.  Last night he was talking about time and how God exists outside of time and how it’s so hard for us to comprehend eternity because we live within the constrains of time.  He talked about dimensions and the speed of light and how you can half a minute and then half that 30 seconds and then half that and keep cutting sections of time in half until eventually you’ll get down to this tiny blip of time that you just can’t half anymore because in essence at that point, time just disintegrates.  And by then I’m pretty sure my mouth was gapped open like a cod fish and there was smoke coming out of my ears.  Most assuredly there was much he spoke about that I didn’t completely understand, but I got enough of it to know that God is an incredible God.  Click here to give it a listen and see what you think.  And then came back and explain it to the rest of us.  Ha!

So I was hoping that I might ask you all to pray for a friend.  She’ll be heading out to Texas next week for a job and will be gone for a while…13 weeks I think.  Anyhow, I’d love if you pray for her time there that God would bless her and give her peace so she won’t be too worried about her family here while she’s gone.

And I discovered that Coffemate makes a Caramel Macchiato creamer.  Wow.  Okay so I know it’s not exactly on my “eat clean” diet but it sure is good.  I realize that’s probably not earth shattering news, but it makes me happy.

I also got a Nook Color for Mother’s Day.  And I love it!  My husband had put me on book restriction because there just wasn’t room for more books in our house, but he knew that just wouldn’t fly.  So he got me a Nook and now I can have lots of books in a space the size of one.  He’s precious.  Hey, do you wanna be Nook friends?  We can share books.  What great fun!!

So, what’s going on with you lately?  What’s God been whispering to your heart?  Read any good books lately?  Seen any good movies?  Do tell…

1 thought on “A little of this and that…

  1. um…WOH.

    you left out the part about how your friend forgot she had your luggage in her trunk and made you unlock your car at the stoplight so she could put it in there.

    WEIRD, that girl.

    loved seeing you. and making our new friend. wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else with anyone else.

    love you.


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