Just because something looks holy, doesn’t mean it is.

Have we talked about dreams before?  Because I’m a true believer that God still speaks through dreams.  Some people blame it on pizza, and sometimes pizza could in fact be the cause, but I think more often those dreams that are just crazy, that are vivid and in color, that stay with you even after you’ve been awake for several hours…those dreams have purpose.  I’ve always had wild dreams.  Epic dreams.  Dreams that play out like stories or movies.  And I can remember the most minute details…numbers, places, colors, names.  It wasn’t until several years ago that God crossed my path with an amazing woman named Pat.  (Click here to check out her devotional book.)  She and I became fast friends.  Among all the other ways she blessed me and still does, she brought my dreams to my attention.  She taught me a lot about interpreting dreams, about really seeking God’s message or reminder hidden within them.  I now keep a dream journal where I write down everything I can remember about my dreams and then seek God’s guidance for their interpretation.  Sometimes the meaning is clear, sometimes obviously so.  But other times it takes a little digging in scripture, a lot of prayer and time for God to reveal what awaits me within the dream.  I highly encourage you to begin recording your dreams as well if you don’t already and seek God for understanding of their meanings. 

I tell you all this because I had a dream last night that I especially felt led to share here.  There was much to this dream, but this one part really stuck out.  I was at a gathering with friends and there was a tray of cheese there for us to eat.  The cheese was shaped like rectangles and was white and had markings on it that made it look like Swiss cheese.  Everyone was eating the cheese and suddenly I realized that it wasn’t cheese at all but rather was erasers made to look like cheese.  And I’m looking around at everybody munching away and thinking to myself, do they not realize that they are eating erasers?  Can they not taste it and tell it’s not cheese? 

Okay, so I know that’s a little strange, but believe me I’ve had stranger ones.  So as I was writing this part down, I was thinking about it and what it meant.  I was reminded of the scriptures where God told Ezekiel to eat a scroll.  It starts in about the middle of chapter 2 of Ezekiel and continues into the first bit of chapter 3.  God had written words of warning on the scroll and told Ezekiel to eat the scroll and then go and speak to the house of Israel.  Although the words on the scroll were words of lament, verse 3 of chapter 3 says that scroll tasted like honey.  Now how about that?  God’s word tasted sweet even though His words were hard.  See, truth is still truth even when we don’t want to hear it.

Now, in my eraser dream, all the people at the gathering were eating erasers and not even noticing it.  I guess they just assumed that’s what cheese was supposed to taste like.  But in comparison where God’s word is concerned, I think that’s the mindset of many non-believers and unfortunately even many Christians.  They believe that God’s word is bland or boring.  So they continue to consume that lie and never allow themselves to taste the real thing…they’ve never experienced the difference between a bland assumption and the sweet honey of Truth.  They just keep chewing and chewing on what somebody else told them was the holy gospel.

Another aspect here is the fact that they were eating ERASERS.  Now what does an eraser do?  Well, it removes something or it wipes something out.  So I had to ask myself…and I’ll pose this question to you as well…are there things in my life that I’m doing or allowing to be a part of me that are in fact erasing God’s destiny for my life?  Okay, now first let me say here that God has a plan for each of us and has desires for our lives.  He’s not going to revoke His plan because we screw up.  He’s not going to snatch back His blessings because we make a mistake.  However, the choices we make in life can gravely affect whether or not we are able to live into all God has for us.  We can in fact erase away opportunities to grow in faith, erase away the direct path to God’s blessings so that we then end up having to go around the long way.  Do you know what I mean?  Are we going to let ourselves be filled with the lies from the enemy that steal, kill, and destroy or are we going to resolve to consume only God’s truth for our lives?

Another important thing to note here too is that in the dream once I realized that it was erasers and not actually cheese, I knew I had to tell everyone or they’d just keep eating erasers.  And this calls to my mind the importance of accountability within the body of Christ.  Proverbs 27:17 tells us “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  I’ve said this before and I can’t say it enough that it is imperative that we all have someone in our lives that we are accountable to.  Somebody who isn’t afraid to go to you and say hey, what’s going on with you and God?  Are you staying in the Word, are you keeping in contact with God through prayer and quiet time?  Where are you spiritually?  Somebody that’s bold enough, loves you enough and has the kind of relationship with you to say, hey you know that’s not cheese, right?  Because honestly, sometimes we’ve been eating on the same eraser for so long, we can’t tell the difference anymore. 

So then, in order to know the Word – to be able to tell truth from lies…cheese from erasers –  we must be in the Word.  And let me tell you, God’s Word is definitely not boring or bland.  It’s filled with mystery and intrigue, romance, wars, talking animals and bushes and crazy water, victory and promises.  It’s not always easy.  In fact, God sometimes asks some pretty darn hard stuff from us but obedience to the Lord always tastes sweet.  God has a destiny in mind for you and for me.  Let’s stop eating erasers and and fill our spiritual bellies with God’s truth!

4 thoughts on “Just because something looks holy, doesn’t mean it is.

  1. The Abstract Thinker May 3, 2011 — 4:51 pm

    Funny as it may sound, the analogy you drew feels like it was absolutely perfect for my eyes for this particular time of my life, though for the life of me, I don’t know why. Time will tell…

    1. Time will always tell as God’s plan unfolds around us. There’s always another layer with God…His depth is unfathomable. I love that about Him. That and how He takes us to the well for water before we even realize our thirst.

  2. ahhh i love you!! The first person I always think of when I hear the word dream is Pat!! and thats exactly who crossed my mind when I read the first two sentences and then, lo and behold, you talked about her! Its crazy how itertwined our lives are– its actually bc of Pat that we’re friends… I love you… excellent words though– the title really struck a chord for me… several things did but the title really sums it up… ❤

    1. Oh yes! She is such an incredible woman. My life is much better for having her in it…and for having you in it too!! Love you bunches sweet girl!

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