Five Minute Friday: If I knew I could, I would…

I love this part of my Fridays.  Always look forward to linking up for 5 Minute Friday with Gypsy Mama!  It’s when we write (or type I guess) for five minutes straight.  No editing, no back-tracking, no tweaking.  From your head straight to your keyboard.  And each week Lisa-Jo gives us a new topic.

Incidentally, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I don’t actually time myself with a timer because then I never know when it’s close to the end.  I catch myself glancing at the timer too much and the writing doesn’t flow as well.  I have a couple of instrumental songs that are right at five minutes long or just a few seconds under five and I’ll pick one to listen to while I do these posts.  Seems to help the words flow along with the music.  Just thought I’d share.

So, this week’s topic is:  If I knew I could, I would…


Oh wow, to have more than 5 minutes to write about this topic.  I think we all could think of a million things we’d do it we knew we could.  Cure cancer.  Solve world hunger.  Fix the deficit.  Get Donald Trump a new hair-do.  I suppose that list is endless.

But on a more personal level, I think if I knew I could go back in time and change a few things about my life, I believe I might would.  Not anything major but just a few simple things that probably would make a big difference in who I am now.  Things like spending more time exercising when I was younger so that at this point in my life, it would just be a part of my routine.  I would spend more time writing things down.  There’s so much knowledge and wisdom and just history that my grandparents and great-grandparents shared and although I remember a lot of it, now that I’m older there’s so much more I want to know.  But they aren’t here anymore to tell it.  I guess that all will have to wait for another day in another place.

On a community scale, if I knew I could get rid of the gangs and guns and violence in the town where I live, I would.  Drugs would be something you only took when you were sick and popping a cap would be what you did to get the top off your soda bottle.  I would make sure that every person had clean water to drink and shelter.

But I can’t do any of those things…not in my own strength anyway.  But in Christ anything is possible.  And when the Body of Christ works in unity, well…who knows what could happen?


That was a bit of stopping and starting between the Hubby interrupting twice to ask a question, so I might have gone over 5 just a tad.

And don’t forget to click the 5MF box below and drop by Lisa-Jo’s blog and read some of the other posts.  Some incredible writing comes out of five minutes from these folks!

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: If I knew I could, I would…

    • Thank you so much. It has to be in His strength because I just don’t have that kind of ability within myself…none of us do. So glad He knows that and supplies courage, boldness, and vision for us! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Your blog is relatively new to me (I have subscribed) and I’m enjoying your voice so much. thanks for these thoughtful words. You covered a wide range of territory in your five (++??) minutes – congrats.

    • Thank you so much. I went for a long time and didn’t journal. I just couldn’t stay disciplined enough to stick with it until about two years ago and then it was like I just couldn’t put my pen down to save my life. I think that’s one thing I enjoy so much about blogging…it’s a great outlet for writing and so encouraging to hear from others. Thanks for popping in!

  2. Good stuff here. It is never too late to start exercising I joined a gym about nine months a go and it was grueling. I dragged myself there (because I was paying good money) and hated it. HATED it. I had a back problem caused by my weak abs and inactivity and my chiropractor encouraged me to exercise. I would do anything to not be in pain everyday so I went. After a while (quite a while) I started looking forward to going to the gym and loved how good I felt. Weight loss was a added bonus but best of all my back pain subsided and on some days I had no pain at all. I really encourage you to go because it is never too late and you will feel so much better. We are temples of the holy spirit and we need to take care of ourselves so we can do what He created us to do.

    • You are so right…and no one else can take care of my body but me. A friend and I started going back through Lisa TerKerst’s book Made to Crave and are walking together once a week and then I’m trying to walk myself at least two or three more times. I’m hoping at some point I will get past hating to exercise and actually begin to enjoy it too. Blessings!

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