Five Minute Friday: The Hard Love

It’s that time again…

Linking up for 5 Minute Friday with Gypsy Mama!  Time to stop, drop and write for five minutes straight….no editing, no back-tracking, no tweaking. 

This week’s topic:  The Hard Love


What makes love hard?  Is it because some people are hard to love?  Is it because we sometimes fail to see anything lovable about another person?  Is it fear of putting our own heart on the line…of what might happen to it in the hands of another?  Love takes trust…or at least we think it does.  But does it really?  I mean I can think of many times that I’ve loved and trusted another only to have my heart smashed and handed back to me in a box.  So trust really isn’t what counts then. 

When Jesus told us to love our neighbor, He didn’t add in anything else about loving them only if they were trustworthy.  To love them only if we knew they were worthy of love.  Because really, are any of us worthy?  Ultimately love comes from the Father…He loved us first.  And to love truly is to love with His love, with His heart.  We don’t have it in us to love properly.  And it was love that sent Jesus to the cross.  It was the desire of the Father to reconcile with us so that we might fully experience Him.  Fully know Him.  Fully receive Him.  So that we might fully love. 

I think maybe what makes love hard is fear.  Fear of the end result.  Fear of the outcome.  Fear of what love might do to us.

But there is a Perfect Love that casts out all fear.  His name is Jesus.  Love in Him…


Well, there we go.  My 5 Minute Friday.  When you get done here, be sure to click the 5MF box below to go to Lisa-Jo’s blog and read some of the other posts. 

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: The Hard Love

  1. Fear stops us from doing good and fear can cause us to sin but we love anyway even if its hard it most likely will hurt at some point because that is what we do to those we love…even if we do not mean to. Thanks for stopping by This Catholic Life. I enjoyed your thoughts on hard love.

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