A healing, an aligned heart, and a hiding place: Part 2

So after the amazing image of Jesus before me during the Going Beyond the Veil, I was so blown away!  (I shared about that in Part 1 in case you missed it.)  That whole service was incredible.  After such unhindered worship like I’d never experienced before, I felt like I could conquer the world!  But honestly at that particular moment in time, I think my head was swimming so much with the excitement of it all that I could barely absorb what had just happened. 

In two hours time I had sung praises to God, surrendered myself fully to Him, been at the communion table with Him, been on my knees in prayer, nailed my failures to a wooden cross with my very own hand, had seen a vision of Jesus and watched as He cleansed my heart with His very own hand, and I had danced and jumped and sung some more.  Needless to say, I couldn’t have imagined that God had more in store. 

Gateway has several campuses.  The daytime sessions of the Worship Conference were held at the North Richland Hills campus.  There was also a pastor’s conference going on at the same time with their daytime sessions being held at the Southlake campus.  For the evening services both nights, everyone from the Worship conference and the pastor’s conference gathered together at the Southlake campus.  And what great times they were!  The second night we sat up in the balcony seats and it was the coolest thing.  Looking out across the crowd of folks clapping their hands, singing praises to the Lord ~ worshipping Him in unity.  It was a beautiful thing.

It was during this service that I saw Jesus again.  My eyes were closed as I just listened to the sound of the voices singing, the hands clapping.  And there He was.  The same as earlier that day…mostly all I saw was His chest and His arms.  But this time instead of reaching into me, His arms circled around me and He drew me to His chest.  And He whispered, “this child, is what it means to align yourself with Me…align your heart with Mine.”  And I looked down and I saw my chest pressed against His, felt my heart taking up the same rhythm as His…the same rhythm as His Father.  And I understood.  And I wept.

I wept in anguish for all the times I’ve been right there, cradled in His arms and yet I’ve pushed Him away.  I wept with regret for all the moments that I didn’t want to be still and just listen as He whispered in my ear.  I wept in sorrow for all the times that I willed my heart to beat a different rhythm.  And I wept with gratitude at the knowledge that regardless to how many times I left the circle of His arms, He stood waiting to draw me in again.

Oh draw near to my soul and redeem it…

Psalm 69:18a


Yes, Jesus.  Draw near to my soul and redeem it, my Beloved.  May my heart remain aligned with Yours always.

Are you running from the circle of His arms?  Have you felt the beat of your heart pounding out the same rhythm as His only to resist it?  Just stop.  Stop running away and run to Him.  Everything you need is in Him.  Everything you are is in Him.  Press your ear to His chest and listen to the sound of His heart as He encloses you in the strength of His arms. 



The One and Only. 

And yet, there’s still more to tell…

2 thoughts on “A healing, an aligned heart, and a hiding place: Part 2

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