Five Minute Friday: A few of my favorite things

It’s that time again…

Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama!!  Time to stop, drop and write for five minutes straight….no editing, no back-tracking, no pauses.

This week’s topic:  A few of my favorite things


Well the most obvious of my favorites are my two boys.  They make me laugh all the time.  They make my heart melt with their sweet little hugs.  They are precious…

But a few of my other favorite things are for one, my Bible.  I love my Bible.  I’ve highlighted and underlined, made notes in the margins, dated certain passages that God has led me to.  It fits so well in my hand.  Just hearing the pages turn makes my heart sit on the edge of its seat waiting for the next beautiful thing my eyes will fall on.  It truly is the grandest of all love letters.

Another of my favorite things are my Converse shoes.  They make me feel young and stylish even though I’m 37 and probably not so stylish.  I feel cool when I wear them.

My piano is also a favorite.  My grandma bought it for me to play when I was probably about 12 or a little older.  It’s dark wood and old.  The natural wood shows through in the many dings and scratches.  I wrote my first song ever at that piano.  It now sits in my den with pictures and trinkets on top.  It’s a part of history to me…my history.


I might could have done more with this one but as it was, another of my favorites (the Hubby) kept talking to me in the middle of this one. 

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: A few of my favorite things

  1. you are super cool and amazing– whachu talkin bout?? ❤

  2. Great post! The fact that we all have so many “favorites” is such a gift in our lives!

    1. It surely is…thanks for stopping by!

  3. The fact that you mentioned your Converse makes me super happy! Yes, they make you cool. And I love that you have lived in your Bible! The many marks and notes and underlines definitely add life to the Words of Life. 🙂

    1. I got a new Bible a while back and it took me two days to transfer all my notes and underlines from my old one. Ha!! And yay for Converse!! I love my shoes. 🙂

      Thanks so much for visiting!

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