unified praise

I had a take-my-breath-away moment at church this past Saturday night.  It was at the end of one of the songs.  The sanctuary was dark and still.  And all the instruments dropped out.  The only thing you could hear was the voices of people lifting up praise to the Almighty together in unison. 

I love, I love…I love Your presence

I love, I love…I love Your presence

I love, I love…I love You, Jesus

I love, I love…I love Your presence

Between lines it was quiet.  You could almost feel the collective intake of breath just before the next line began.  And I found myself so very overwhelmed by the moment that I couldn’t make a sound at all.  And for that moment…I saw and heard the glory of God.  And it was beautiful.

Those are the moments my soul longs for.  Those are the moments I crave.  Those moments where God draws back the curtains of heaven and we get a glimpse of His glory.

Those are the moments that my heart aches for us all to have known.  That moment, no matter how fleeting, when there is utter freedom in the midst of His presence.  When His name is high and lifted up by the mouths of His children.  When His glory falls and together His body returns praises to Him, the One True God. 

Sing the glory of His name

Make His praise glorious

Psalm 66:1


Your Presence – Bethel Live – click here to give it a listen.


3 thoughts on “unified praise

  1. thats crazy because thats pretty much the exact moment He overwhelmed me… it just washed over me so strongly that I started crying and pretty much didn’t stop all through the sermon and even after you found me, prayed with me and left– I still cried… its was so sweetly amazing, but even more so that it happened at the same time as yours… good grief was Jesus there Sat nite or what? wow!! I love you….

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