The 3rd time is the charm. The 61st evidentally is not.

Out of 61 posts that I have made so far on this blog, yesterday’s post Tolerance versus Grace is the first one that I’ve actually considered deleting after publishing it.  Not because I don’t feel strongly about everything I wrote and not because I think that there isn’t any truth to what I said, but because I’m not sure if I clearly said what was in my heart to say.  (Well, and also because I felt like my motives were questioned earlier today (not by you MK – don’t worry!) and it seemed to be implied that I was being self-righteous.  Ahem.)

But rather than deleting the post, I decided to try again to explain myself and if I don’t get it right this time…well then I’ll just shut up and wait for something else to write about.  Fair enough?

Here’s the thing…God is incredible.  Have I mentioned that already?  Well, He is.  I am still very much a work in progress, but what He has done with me so far is nothing less than miraculous.  He’s taken a shy, self-conscious, scaredy-cat nobody and He’s given me a voice, and a purpose, and authority in His name and He has loved me with a love that is beyond my ability to comprehend.  He is glorious and almighty.  There is none like Him.  And I want the world to know it.

He is more than worthy of our time.

He is more than worthy of our effort.

He is more than worthy of our worship.

He is not bound by our denominations or traditions.

He is not obligated to fit Himself into our worship line-up at church.

He doesn’t just “show up”…His presence is constant.

He is nothing less than everything He says He is.

And it should be the utmost desire of our hearts to live into everything He’s called us to be.

And it makes me sad to the core when I see tradition or timidity or tolerance chosen over Him.

Because I used to do that all the time…and still do if I’m not careful.

But He has changed me.  I know with all my heart that He has changed me.

And I am free.

But if I don’t keep myself in check, if I am not held accountable to that freedom…

I will ~ without even realizing it ~ continue to carry my chains.

And although only I can choose to put them down,

sometimes I may need to be made aware of their presence.

The End.

2 thoughts on “The 3rd time is the charm. The 61st evidentally is not.

  1. The Abstract Thinker March 19, 2011 — 9:46 pm

    When you feel like you’ve said more than what was needed, it’s only because you’ve finally touched on a vital issue. Never regret speaking your heart if your aim is to further the Kingdom.

    And this post just proves it. You’re saying the right things, because your eyes are fixed on the right Prize, and you’re running the Race for the right reasons. Never doubt yourself.

    I wish someone would hold ME accountable in the freedom that Christ brings. We grow complacent far too easily. We thinking that just being a “good Christian” is okay. We get comfortable with good, when God has our BEST in mind. And to think, even on our best day, we are still just a shadow, just an eclipse, of what God has designed for us to be.


    1. I want people to know Him. He’s such an amazing God and my heart’s desire is for everyone to see and experience His love. I have (and unfortunately continue to) let so much get in the way of living fulling into His desires for me and I don’t want that for myself anymore. We have been given freedom but most of us (me included) don’t walk in it that frustrates me so much.

      Thanks so much for your words of confirmation. Praying for you…


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