Attack of the 50 ft. writer’s block and glorifying God at the grocery store.

I told myself when I started this blog that if I didn’t have anything to write about that I wouldn’t just write about anything.  We all have enough other blogs and devotions we follow (my inbox is full as we speak…uh type…or read. whatever.)  And then I kinda came to a conclusion that if I want people to continue to follow my blog, I probably should be more regular in my posting even if that meant only posting pictures or song lyrics or whatever just to have something to post.  And I tried that.  But it just wouldn’t happen.  For an aspiring blogger, that’s been incredibly frustrating. 

But then I came to another conclusion more recently (as in about an hour ago at 4am lying in bed) that quite frankly I’m sticking with.  Well, actually it was Paul who came to this conclusion via some Holy Spirit inspired letter writing and God just reminded me of it as I was thinking over my frustration at not having anything to write for over a week:

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do,

do it all for the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31

Or whatever you do.  Whether you eat, drink, blog, substitute teach, lead worship, dance, drive a truck, cook dinner, serve on a committee, visit a friend, go to the movies, take out the trash, pray with your kids, write an editorial, read a book, go to a Bible study, grocery shop…I could go on and on….

whatever you do

Do it for the glory of God. 

What are you afraid of? was the question I heard resonating in my head at 4am.  Are you afraid that you’ll run out of stuff to say, lose followers on the blog?  Is this more about me…or you?  Boy, I tell ya.  When He speaks, His words go right to the very core of the thing, don’t they?  Whose glory am I after?  And my answer (after one of those “You got me” sighs) of course was “Yours, Lord.”  And His response?  Well, then write when you have something to write, and don’t when you don’t.  I’ll do the rest.

In other words, this thing can’t be about followers.  It can’t be about fame.  It can’t be about me…at all.  It can only be about Him.  So I’m going to write when I have something to write, and don’t when I don’t.  And I’ll trust Him to get the words to the ears…uh eyes…it needs to get to.  Because the whole purpose here is to write to glorify God, not to write because I want blog subscribers.

And as I’m processing this, I’m having a duh moment.  Because “this thing” in this particular case is my blog, but “this thing” can also encompass a whole plethora of stuff.  I have other “things” that I guess I consider to be specifically God things…I serve on the worship team at church and also am a table leader for a Bible study.  And with those things, I have to keep myself in constant check as to why I’m doing what I’m doing.  It’s so very easy to get caught up and start drifting into the glory.  You know what I mean?  But I’m not there to serve any need of mine to be heard.  I’m not there to get compliments.  I’m there to glorify His name.

But what about all the other stuff I do?   All the other stuff  I do that I don’t consider to specifically be God stuff.  Like eating, or grocery shopping, or going to the movies, or driving a truck – actually I don’t drive a truck but some of you might.  Paul did say whatever you do, right?  Now I’m not implying that we should be preaching a sermon in the frozen food section or stand around waiting for manna to fall from the sky for our meals.  But God has been teaching me a lot lately about my eating habits and how I can glorify Him in what I eat…or don’t eat in certain instances. Ha!  I can glorify Him by the movies I choose to go see…or choose not to go see.  I can glorify Him by smiling and saying hi to the people I pass in the grocery store instead of being consumed by my own task.  I can glorify Him by praying blessings over my neighbors as I take out my trash.  There are so many opportunities to bring glory to God in a day’s time ~ and He will show us those things if we open our ears to hear Him.  The problem is we ~ I ~ don’t take the time to ask Him or listen in the small things because I tell myself they are too mundane and simple for God to bother with.  Sheesh, I’m a goof sometimes. 

Whatever you do.

That covers, well…pretty much everything ~ big or small.  Grandiose or mundane.  Life-changing or routine.


And this all goes back to my word for this year….aligned.

If everything I do is aligned with His heart and His will and meant to bring Him glory…well, duh.  (And in my mind I envision my sweet Lord, elbowing His precious Son and saying with a smile, look, Jesus…she’s finally getting it.)  Yes, Father I think I am finally getting it. 

Now, time to put one foot in front of the other and walk it out…time to live it. 

5 thoughts on “Attack of the 50 ft. writer’s block and glorifying God at the grocery store.

  1. ” I’ll trust Him to get the words to the ears…uh eyes…it needs to get to.” Well said! Great job on reminding everyone what truly matters – thanks! Bless you!

    1. Thanks Kevin! Blessings to you brother!

  2. The Abstract Thinker March 9, 2011 — 5:21 pm

    This is so absolutely perfect, because, in a roundabout way, this is exactly how I’ve felt recently. Writer’s block, revelations, struggles, basically everything. Only, instead of writing about how I’ve been unable to write, and recognizing that I’ve been indirectly unwilling to bring Him into the mundane things of life, I’ve been silent and evasive. Maybe it’s time for another post…

    Oh, J, even when you’re going through “writer’s block,” you still manage to say exactly the right thing. You give me so much hope.

    1. You are always such an encouragement. Thank you. And you know, I think that God can be the cause of writer’s block sometimes because He’s got some revelations He’s given us, but we need time to work through it before we can share it with anybody in any kind of coherant way. And then suddenly the inspiration comes and the dam breaks and it all comes wooshing out! What a journey He has us all on, huh?


  3. Thank you, again for reminding me that it is ALL about HIM, ALL the time. Not just for the big stuff!

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