Five Minute Friday: Friendship

It’s Friday!!!  For obvious reasons, that’s awesome because the weekend is at our doorstep…praise!  But another thing that makes Fridays great is….

FIVE MINUTE FRIDAYS with The Gypsy Mama!!  Time to stop, drop and write for five minutes straight….no editing, no back-tracking, no pauses.

This week the focus is friendship.


Gosh I had the hardest time getting this one started…and can’t imagine why except that the idea of writing about friendship for only five minutes seemed almost impossible.  There’s so much to say!!  See when I step back and look at my circle of friends, for one thing it’s huge and keeps getting bigger.  Sure there are those few who I am closest to of all, but the list of people I call friend is so diverse and amazing that I could just go on for days!  I have friends who are still in high school and friends who have grandchildren.  I have friends who live just up the road and friends who live in another part of the world.   New friends who just recently crossed my path and old friends that I have known for as long as I can remember.  And every single one of them at one point or another have blessed my socks off.  Sometimes it’s just more than I know what to do with!

I can’t say enough just how thankful I am that God has seen fit to place all these incredible people in my life, but I am forever grateful to have been given this clan of brothers and sisters in Christ to walk through this life with, to worship our Creator with, to hang with for eternity.  Praise!!


Alright, if I can be honest this one was so much tougher than I thought.  I guess there are some things in life that are just difficult to put words to…this being one of them.  If I can be really honest, I deleted what I had typed at first and started over.  It just felt lame and corn-ball-ish in comparison to how I truly felt in my heart.  Still not satisfied with the words between the GO and the STOP, but I think I could try this one a hundred times and still not say enough.  I am so very blessed…

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Friendship

  1. I felt the EXACT SAME WAY!
    it’s great!

  2. Good job! And it sounds like you must be a really wonderful friend to have so many wonderful friends. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I do have wonderful friends and try to be one in return but can’t take a bit of the credit. God has nestled me into several Bible studies and a small group or two full of the most incredible women and the worship team at my church is about a close to family as I can get without being blood kin! And that’s just the church folk. AND now I’m adding all kinds of phenomenal bloggity blog peeps to the list! Truly, truly I am overwhelmed by His goodness!

  3. Sweet Pea, you just keep on blessing my socks off! I love the way you express yourself!

  4. We have friends for the various parts of our lives . . . that all meet together to fill the different voids and spaces God wants to make us whole. I am thankful for friends with you!

    1. Yes Loni! I can see so many seasons in my life that God sent just the right people for just the right time!

  5. Hi Jenny. Wanted to stop by and let you know that I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. I love reading your posts!

  6. I understand! So many friendships….so much blessings….so little time! LOL!! I, too, am thankful!

    Joining you from Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday link up

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