For you, for me, for all…

I had started typing something else completely and decided to put that away for another day because I suddenly felt so strongly that God has laid something different on my heart for today.  And it’s this…

For the mother who feels like she is ready to pull her hair out, who has had all she can stand for one day of screaming kids and bathroom interruptions and ingratitude, who just wants a minute alone to herself to breathe and regroup…He knows how you feel.  He’s stood in front of crowds of people who have demanded His attention, pulled and tugged on His clothes, and yelled at Him for doing good things on days when they said He wasn’t supposed to be doing anything.  People followed Him from place to place, hanging on His every word.  He had to get up at the crack of dawn just to get some time alone to be with His father.

For the friend who has been back-stabbed by someone loved and trusted, by someone you shared your secrets with, by someone you poured out your heart to…He understands.  He’s been betrayed by one of His closest friends.  He shared His heart with someone who then turned their back on Him.

For the one who feels like they are without worth to anyone, that no one listens to them, that people find it easier to ignore them than acknowledge them…He’s been there.  His life was sold for 30 pieces of silver.  The people in His own hometown wouldn’t listen to Him, questioned His authority.  People still even after His ultimate sacrifice choose to ignore Him, to say He never existed, that He wasn’t who He claimed to be.

For the one who feels ugly, undesirable, plain…He’s felt that.  The Word says that He wasn’t beautiful or desirable, that there was nothing majestic about Him, that He probably just looked like everybody else.  And by the time He endured the cross, He’d been beaten so severely that He was barely even recognizable as human.

For the one who feels overwhelmed by the draw of sin, that the temptations they face are just too strong, that they can’t get away from the thing…He lived that one out, weakened by the lack of food or water.  He was offered the best the enemy had to give and fought back with the Word of God.

For the one who feels like the weight of the world is about to crush them, that they can’t possibly carry another thing…He’s bent under the crushing weight of the cross.  He knows the moment when you just can’t carry it another inch and He knows the necessity of sometimes needing help from a brother or sister… just ask Simon the Cyrene.

For the one who has given and given and given only to have someone else take and take and take and never give anything back in return, to completely put yourself out there for someone else, to offer all you have only to have it thrown back in your face…happens to Him all the time.  He gave everything He had on a tree on a hill ~ for me, for you, for all ~ and yet so many refuse to take what He has given.  He laid down His very life for us.  He gave it all.  And there were people there that day who spit in His face, people who still today spit in His face.

Brother, He knows your secret pain, knows your fears, your struggles.  Sister, He feels your hurt, knows your desires, your dreams.  He’s not a here today, gone tomorrow kind of Savior.  There’s not a step you take that He’s not with you, not a hair on your head that He hasn’t numbered.  Don’t let the enemy lie to you and tell that no one understands, that no one cares.  

You matter.

And your pain is never wasted.  Your struggles are never overlooked.  Your tears are never ignored.

You matter to God, friend.

You matter to God.

7 thoughts on “For you, for me, for all…

  1. Wow, Jenny! Your writing today touches so many! How wonderful it is.
    Thank you for your prayer this am. I wish I had recorded it. You touched on everything I needed. Since the words have escaped me, each day I’ll just say, Dear God, Remember that prayer Jenny said…

  2. J,

    I spent an entire hour sitting in a storm drain today, fiddling around with the soft, steady ripples in the chilly water from the recently melted snow, despondently mulling over the proverbial curveballs that Satan had thrown at me at this place in my life. I knew God was the bat that never failed to hit every single one of them out of the park, but I was too busy in my own pity party to pick Him up and swing. I’ve felt like I’ve been purposefully striking out all week, and Satan has been having a heyday with the guilt trips because of that.
    This post… I think it spoke something to me. Granted, it didn’t explicitly answer all of my questions… but then, maybe it did. Maybe I just needed to see that God knows what I’m going through. I knew that already, but isn’t it so common that even His followers forget just how holy, how loving, how gracious, how just, how powerful, how knowing, how UNDERSTANDING, He is? I know I do. So I suppose what I’m trying to say is thanks for the reminder; it was much needed.

    -The Abstract Thinker

    • AT,

      You are so precious in His sight…you must know that. He looks beyond our flaws and mistakes and failures and loves us with a love so perfect, so full, so good. Pick up your Sword (Eph. 6:10-17) and fight the good fight knowing that even if you fall short, even if you fail, even if you walk away from the enemy today bleeding and bruised, that ultimately this whole battle has been won. We sometimes might walk with a limp through this life, but we won’t ever be walking it alone. He came, He walked it out, and He’s here walking us through it. Praying for you, brother…


  3. Jenny, Your words always are just the plain truth, but the way you put them together is amazing! I love your writing. Thanks for reminding me that I have truely not faced anything unbearable…even though sometimes I might feel like I can’t breathe under the load. God is there!! He always has been and always will be!
    Praise God! Bobbi

    • Oh and those times that it gets so heavy and we think we’ve got to shoulder it all and He’s whispering in our ear, “My love, let Me carry that for you, let Me hold you up.” He is there! We just have to learn to let that thing go and have faith in His sovereignty no matter what.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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