Dayspring Product Review

I’m so excited about this post.  This is my first DaySpring product review and did I ever get blessed with the product they sent me to check out!

I received the John 3:16 Heart and Globe Canvas Print which is one of their products listed on the (in)courage website…which I would definitely recommend you checking out as well.  Great products, a book club, community and also blog posts to encourage your spirit.

Okay so, I was really looking forward to receiving the print because the photo of it on the website was just lovely but when I actually pulled it out of the box, all I could say was WOW!  The colors were just gorgeous…so much more vibrant than I imaged.  I loved it right away!  And I was even more tickled to find that it matched my bed spread perfectly!  Ahem.  Back to the print.

As I was pulling the plastic covering off the print, I found a slip of paper in the wrapping that told the story of the inspiration for the print.  Gosh, how did I miss that before?  It just made it all that more beautiful to know the story behind it.  The print was actually inspired by Madison Atwood, an 11-year-old girl with mental and physical disabilities.  With only the outline of a heart to go on, Madison created a beautiful work of art that was not only full of beautiful colors, but also told a story…a story of the big big love God has for us.  It was the message of John 3:16 as seen through the eyes and created by the hands of this sweet child.

So the print is 16″ x 20″ but a larger size is actually also available.  And here’s the great part ~ it’s on sale right now!  It’s regularly priced at $56.99, but for the February special you’ll get 30% off!  That brings the cost down to $39.89.  Totally a deal!  Give it a look-see here and check out the rest of the DaySpring products while you’re there!

Disclaimer: DaySpring gave me this item to review on my blog, however these opinions are 100% mine.

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