One Word

So I realize that I am WAAAAAY behind on this one, but I kept trying to ignore it and well it just won’t go away!

Mary Kathryn’s blog is actually where I first heard of the idea, but I’m thinking it all got started this year at grit & GLORY on Alece’s blog.  One word.  One simple word.  No resolutions, no “I’m gonna”s, no lists.  Just one word from God that would be the focus for the coming year.   

Well, I’ve put this whole one word thing out of my mind.  It sounded like an interested concept, but one I avoided for a few reasons.  One, I guess I just didn’t think God would be that specific with me.  I mean, He’s God but still, how in the world could He narrow down all the stuff I need to work on in just one word.  This is me we’re talking about.

And two, I can be as stubborn as any mule’s ever been and sometimes I just make up my mind I’m not gonna do something only because everybody else is doing it.  (Wish I’da had that particular stubborn streak in me back in college.)  That’s why I haven’t ever read any of Nicholas Sparks’ books (well that and they all seem to end sad and quite frankly I don’t take antidepressants so that I can go and purposefully read something that I know will be sad).  It’s also why I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy.  What can I say?  I’m a rebel.  

Okay so back to the one word thing. 

So I finally gave in after this thing has been nagging at my heart since I first read about it.  And I’ve been thinking this over…trying to come up with a word all week.  But see that’s where I’ve been at it all wrong.  I’ve been trying to come up with my own word.  As usual.  The whole purpose as I understand it is to wait for God to give you “the word.”  Because that’s really the bottom line in all of it, isn’t it?  To do this all His way?  I’ve spent quite a bit of time off and on doing it my own way and you know what I’ve discovered?  Even when the things I want for myself turn out to be reasonably decent, if they aren’t God’s desires for my life, they serve no Kingdom purpose.  On the off-chance that I might actually be able to force something good to happen to me, then it’s probably only about ME.  And as hard as it may be to swallow sometimes, it’s just not about me.  At all.  It’s only all about Him…about surrendering my life to Him, my desires to His desires, my heart to His heart. 

You want to know something funny?  Even as I am writing this, I still don’t know what His “word” is for me for this year.  I listening and waiting and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear it.  But one thing I know for sure.  With all my heart, I want that word to be His and His alone.

Lead me in Your truth and teach me,

For You are the God of my salvation;

For You I wait all the day.

Psalm 25:5


Do you have a “word” for this year?  Would you mind sharing it?

8 thoughts on “One Word

    • Ahahahahaa! Well, it’s a shame I can’t be so stubborn about stuff that would actually be helpful for me like stubbornly continuing to exercise or stubbornly not spending money on more books when I have a ton already that I need to read. Thanks for sharing your word! He truly does make all things new… ~J

  1. It’s kind of cool how far this “One Little Word” movement is spreading. It actually started back in 2007 on a scrapbook blog by Ali Edwards. You can read her posts about the whole concept here ( )
    I’ve been choosing a word since then. It’s amazing how big of a difference it can make in your life when you truly focus on it. Last year I had my word stamped on a necklace that I tried to wear most days. This year I’m having it cut out of vinyl to put on a wall in my house. 😀
    My word this year is Awake. Can’t wait to see what word chooses you.

    • Wow, Mandi! I didn’t realize it had been going on that long…I’m still a blogsphere novice. hee hee… It’s such a cool concept and certainly much easier to apply than a bunch of resolutions I’m probably not going to keep. It gives me a specific focus and I think I really need that more than I imagined. Thanks for sharing your word and thanks for stopping by the blog. Please say hi to Cory and the kids!

  2. Well, I wish I had my one word too. The thing is, I think I know what it is, even as I write this. I think I’m a little afraid of sharing what it is… still rocked that He speaks to even me…. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m still waiting on my word…or that’s what I’m saying anyway…I imagine I know what it is already and just don’t want to settle on it.

      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!!


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