When you’re bwainstormin’!

“Bwianstormin’ here and bwainstormin’ here, bwainstorming utside down or sit tee in yo easy chaaaaiiiirr…”

This is the little song pouring out of my four-year-old’s mouth as I type this.  Absolutely darling and very very loud.  So maybe the words to the Imagination Movers theme song aren’t exactly right…brain or bwain…oh well, who cares. 

 I know he sure doesn’t.  He’s singing and playing with his train and having a grand old time.  He’s a happy little guy.  Free to be a kid and not worry about getting the words just right.   And I think it’s just beautiful when he sings.

You know, when you come before the Father, He feels the same way.  Whether you’re singing or praying or just laying quietly at His feet, He thinks it’s absolutely beautiful.  Don’t let your fear of getting the words wrong keep you from Him.  He loves you so much… 

6 thoughts on “When you’re bwainstormin’!

  1. Thank God! If He cared how I worded my prayers, I’d be lost a long time ago. Ex. Dear God, please let me find what we need quickly and not be rude to the Belk’s lady. Amen. He even hears this trivial mess.

  2. I love your prayer, Bobbi, and Jenny, thanks for the morning devotion——-and the laughter I had when I pictured Diego singing this am. I just love that little sweetie pie and Jamie.
    A recent first mother said Love x a million is what she felt for her newborn, and even though that expresses it pretty well, I guess we can never express in real words how much love we have for our children and grandchildren… and to think God loves us more than that?????? AWESOME!!!

  3. Beautiful reminder; thank you for the reminder of child-like faith…

    (I actually sang that song to my 7th graders last week. They weren’t as impressed as my four year old would be.)

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