The most foolish thing anybody ever tweeted.

Okay, first let me say that honestly I have no idea about Steve Johnson’s football career nor do I really care to.  I’m not a sports fan.  I mean, at all.  The only reason I know anything about this “incident” is because it was on the Yahoo home page.

Apparently this guy dropped the ball (literally) and missed a touchdown that could have won the game against Pittsburg on Sunday.  So I suppose in an effort to shift attention away from his embarrassing fumble, Johnson tweeted God (although I wasn’t aware God had a Twitter account but anyhow) expressing his frustration with the situation.  In his tweet, Johnson reminding God of his 24/7 praise and questioned God’s response to said praise.  To quote Johnson, “And this how you do me!!!!!” 

Were I Johnson, first off I would get myself a grammar book and second off, I’d be on the lookout for lightning.  Nah, just kidding.  About the lightning I mean.  We know God doesn’t work like that.   I don’t really think God’s number one priority is football either.  Just sayin’.

I also wonder how God feels about fair-weather friends.  As long as things are going along to suit us, we are tight with God.  But the minute we bounce a check or fail a test or catch a disease or well, drop a football I guess then God didn’t fulfill His end of the bargain, right?  I mean if I have to go to all the trouble of praising Him all the time, and spending all my Sunday mornings in church, and giving Him MY money, and doing nice things for other people then the least He could do is make my life easy and do the stuff I want Him to do.   When you put it that way, it makes you cringe doesn’t it?  I hope so. 

Since when did we come to the conclusion that God owed us anything?  I mean how arrogant could we get to think that the God of the Universe should be expected to succumb to OUR demands.  Seriously?  Have we gotten to such a place that we have no reverence for God at all?

Many of us literally drag ourselves to church if we even make it at all, we offer Him half-hearted prayers while our minds are in a thousand other places, we write notes to our friends all over the bulletin during the sermon, we hardly ever crack open our Bible, and we actually go some days and barely even acknowledge our Creator.  Yet we stand there with our hands stuck out waiting for the Great Sugar Daddy in the Sky to fill them but the minute we come back with empty hands, we turn on the Lover of our Souls and accuse Him of withholding blessings.  Do you see how absolutely jacked up that is???

Put it like this.  Think of something that you may have prayed about lately.  This might even be something that you’ve prayed about many times.  Maybe for years even.  Now, suppose God never answered that prayer…ever.  Would that make Him any less worthy of your praise?  If your answer is yes, then it may be time to examine this “God” you’ve been worshipping.

We don’t praise God because He does stuff for us.  Praise doesn’t have anything to do with stuff…or at least it shouldn’t.  We should praise Him because we can’t help ourselves.  If we have any kind of grasp on how good and loving and just and full of grace and mercy and strong and big and awesome and mighty and wonderful God is, our only response can be praise.  Because He is worthy of our praise.  He is deserving of our praise.  All glory and honor belongs to Him and Him alone.  Always.  Forever.  No. Matter. What.

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