I don’t know Him…

When Jesus started calling Peter “Peter” it was because He said Peter was the rock on which the church would be built.  (Peter means “rock” by the way.)  Peter is in fact considered to be the first pope by the Catholic church. 

Ok but wait, isn’t Peter the one who denied Jesus just prior to the crucifixion?  Not just once but three times??  Yep, that was him.

Have you ever really considered the fact that Jesus already knew that was going to happen before He ever even met Peter face to face?  That when Jesus said to him – upon you Peter, I will build My church – Jesus already knew then that Peter would blatantly deny Him in the face of adversity. 

I don’t know Him.

That’s what Peter said when questioned. 

Yet even in knowing this about His disciple, Jesus didn’t deny Peter the opportunity to serve Him.  Although Jesus rebuked Peter sometimes, He never took away his place in the ministry of the gospel.

I don’t know Him, he said.

Peter was a common fisherman.  A Jewish man who wasn’t good enough to make it through rabbi school.  But Jesus saw something in him.  Jesus saw past Peter’s loud mouth, his quick temper, his arrogance.  Jesus even saw past the moment that Peter would pretty much chunk Him under the bus to save his own skin.  Jesus saw past all Peter’s mistakes and straight into his heart.  He saw Peter through  grace-colored  glasses.

I don’t know Him.

And I can see Jesus thinking to Himself,

you say you don’t know Me…

but you will

I have great plans for you, Peter.  Yep, big big plans.

He’s got big plans for you too.

And He’s still wearing those grace specs.

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