Well, I guess I kinda fell off the blog wagon.

My blog lapse however has been only temporary as I have decided to rethink this whole blogging thing a bit with the help and guidance of my dear sweet friend Mary Kathryn.  I think that I was trying too hard to have something earth-shattering to say because I guess I didn’t think my day-to-day life was all that interesting if there wasn’t a “lesson” attached to it.

So bear with me while I change gears just a bit.  If I have a devotion or a “sermonette” (still cracking up over that word, MK), then I’ll spill it but otherwise for the sake of my not becoming a lazy blogger and managing to give up on yet another thing in my life, you may find yourself wading through a bit of my general thoughts on life, maybe a few interesting quotes, some possible rants, and very likely some song lyrics here and there.  I mean everything doesn’t have to be profound, does it?  Sometimes it can just be…well, found.  Just as long as it doesn’t confound.  Bahahaha!!!!  Ahem.  Sorry.

Hey, did you know that you are the apple of God’s eye?  Well, you are.  He loves you so very much…I mean like a LOT.  Seriously.

7 thoughts on “Well, I guess I kinda fell off the blog wagon.

  1. hi. i’m jenny. and i’m a blogaholic.

    wait, what? that’s the sudafed talking.

    welcome back, cotter.

    welcome back.



  2. p.s. how much more ‘profound’ can a message be other than to know that we are the apple of his eye?

    one of my favorite posts so far.

    proud of you. love you. xo

    1. That is a pretty awesome thought, isn’t it? Love Him so much. And love you too!

      1. totes. and you didn’t have to do a sermonette to get there. told your own story and then left us with the reminder. looove it. love yOU! xo

  3. I find myself being the same way, if I don’t have a “sermonette” or lyrics… or scriptures to post then I sit and scratch my head and stare at the screen. I too have been thinking about making my blog more person. I need to start being more personal too… Hmm… in fact, you’ve spurred me on.. I think I’ll start today! Hugs

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