Hey Grandpa, tell us again about the time God made Grandma from your rib…

Have you ever taken a good concentrated took at the lineage of Adam?  I was blessed to have had an opportunity to do a very in-depth study of Genesis not long ago and during the study, we were provided with a chart of Adam all the way to Jacob and when they were born and when they died, kinda all lined up one next to the other.

Did you realize that Adam was still alive when Noah’s father was born?  Also, according to the chart I have, Noah died only two years before Abraham was born.  And that Shem, Noah’s son who was actually in the flood with Noah, was still alive during Abraham’s lifetime and even was still hanging around when Isaac was born.  Shem in fact even lived another fifty years after Isaac was born.  (Check out the genealogy line up in Genesis 5 and 11.) 

When I realized this, I was absolutely blown away!  I mean, Adam, the one God created first, lived 930 years and so for 930 years worth of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on, they could have heard FIRST HAND about the very beginning of the creation of mankind.  About why Adam chose this name for that animal.  About what Adam felt the first time he laid eyes on Eve.  About the heart-wrenching moment they were sent out of the Garden.  Wow.

And Noah was about 600 years old when the flood came and he lived at total of 950 years and so for 350 years worth of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on, they could have heard FIRST HAND about the flood (and actually longer than that even because we know that Noah’s son Shem, who was on the ark, lived another 152 years after Noah died).  They would have heard first hand about Noah’s resolve to obey God in the midst of much ridicule.  About how God protected Noah and his family during the flood.  About what it was like to set foot on dry land after being in the ark all that time.  About how the earth had changed after the waters had receded.    Is that not just mind-boggling??

One other interesting thing.  Okay, so I know most people have heard of Methuselah as in “that thing is as old as Methuselah.”  Now Methuselah lived a total of 969 years…that was pretty dang old.  And he died the same year that the Flood began.  Guess what Methuselah’s name is believed to mean in Hebrew…”when he dies, it is sent.”  Lordy, I can barely stand that one!!  Do you see how on purpose God is?

So what does all that say to me?  Well first off, that apparently even the “begats” make for interesting reading.  And secondly, it reminds me of the importance of passing down the “greatest story ever told” from generation to generation…especially considering that we have a far cry less than 1,000 years worth of a lifetime to do it. 

Tomorrow, I think we’ll talk about how old the earth is…

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