Hey I heard the Messiah was coming…better stock up on the Bread of Life!!

Hurricane Earl came through here Thursday night.  I’d gone grocery shopping Thursday morning but had another errand to run afterward so I didn’t buy any cold stuff.  I’d just run back by sometime Friday and get that.  At least until about 7pm Thursday night when I realized that I had forgotten to get juice for my 4-year-old.  I jumped in the car and headed to the grocery store figuring I’d just go ahead and get the rest of what I needed and then I wouldn’t have to make the trip on Friday.  I turned into the parking lot and was met with a ton of cars and a ton more people inside the store.  I stood in line for what felt like for-eh-ver.  I heard the cashier telling the lady in line in front of me that it had been crazy like that all afternoon…people buying just-in-case supplies.  Hurricane Earl is coming…better stock up on bread!!

On the way back home, I started thinking…how would it be if we were all preparing like that for the return of Christ?  I’ve kinda mulled over that the last day or two.  Am I preparing myself for the day that the skies will split open as much as I prepared for the day they swirled with a hurricane?  Do I spend as much time in prayer, worship, study…in relationship…with the Father as I would if I knew He would be sending His Son on Thursday?  A weatherman can predict the track of a hurricane.  He can look at the signs – speed, wind direction, air pressure, etc. – and determine approximately where and when a hurricane will hit.  It’s obviously not an exact science, but he can usually come pretty close.  

And see, here’s the thing.  The Word of God is full of signs that point to the imminent returning of the Messiah.  God’s Word is filled with prophecies and instructions that tell us what we can expect, and what we need to do to be ready.  We are to be watchmen on the walls…listening for the sound of the trumpet, looking expectantly for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Mark 13:32-33 says:

No one knows about that day or hour,

Not even the angels in heaven,

Nor the Son,

But only the Father.

Be on guard! Be alert!

You do not know when that time will come.

 But something else occurred to me this morning as I was sitting down to write this blog.  When a hurricane is coming and the weather guy is giving a storm report, who are the ones that are listening the closest?  The ones who have been through a hurricane before and know the devastating effects it can have.  They’ve experienced what it’s like to be without power or water, to suffer severe property damage or worse – to lose everything.  They are aware of the power and strength of a hurricane and they know the importance of taking it seriously and planning ahead.

On that same note, who are the ones most likely preparing for the return of the Messiah?  The ones who know what it’s like to be in the very presence of the Most High God.  The ones who have experienced for themselves the might of His hand or His power to save.  They know of His amazing grace and His never-ending mercy.  They have been submerged in His love and have felt the weight of His glory.  They thirst for more of Him.  They look to the skies expectantly and their hearts long to see His face.

Do you joyfully anticipate the coming of Christ?  Are you readying yourself daily for that moment?  If not, then my prayer for you is that God will make a divine appointment with you.  That His glory will fall on you.  That you will experience the love of the Father in such a sweet way that it will stir in your heart a watchfulness for His return.  Lord, give us a hunger and thirst for You…a longing in our spirits for Your presence. 

More than the watchman waits for morning does my soul wait for You, Jesus  (Psalm 130:6). 

4 thoughts on “Hey I heard the Messiah was coming…better stock up on the Bread of Life!!

  1. These are wonderful words, Jenny! Thanks so much for posting them and giving me a opportunity to reflect on these words and on your wisdom!!

    • Gosh, Carlynn…thank you so much! I am so humbled at the very idea that we have a God who invites us into this wonderful relationship with Him. Any wisdom I have comes only from Him (trust me!) and all I can do is stand there with my mouth gapped open! ha!!

  2. I’ve heard messages and sermons like this before, but the way you said it… kind of convicted me, really, because all-too-often, I lose that precious intentionality and expectancy that should, by default, come with loving God. I mean, why not wait with bated breath for the return of your Savior, Healer, Creator, and Best Friend? If it were any of MY friends (and I know, because I notice myself doing this all the time), I would be at the window 24/7 until I saw their car in the street, and then I’d be through the door, racing down my yard, greeting them with open arms in the driveway. It makes me wonder why humans are so stupid sometimes… we need to get our priorities straight! :/

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