From heebie-jeebies to Hallelujahs!

 I recently started studying the book of Daniel.  And honestly it is a wonder my head hasn’t exploded yet.  So much incredible information and mind-blowing prophecy in Daniel.  The study I’m am working through also ties much of Daniel’s prophecy into John’s prophecy in the book of Revelation.   I don’t yet know a whole lot about Bible prophecy (I am only just starting to really dig into it) and much of why I have hesitated is because in all honestly, end times stuff used to give me the heebie-jeebies.  Not that I wasn’t in love with the Lover of my Soul…on the contrary – I was desperate for Him.

If I can be pathetically transparent, I think the biggest reason I avoided anything to do with end times, the rapture, judgement, and the like is because I wasn’t completely at peace with my fate.  Somehow, I hadn’t gotten it through my thick head that I could no more work my way into heaven than I could fly to the moon with cardboard wings.  Even though I said it with my mouth, in my heart I couldn’t bring myself to believe that salvation was as simple as calling on the name of Jesus.  I had some underlying thought process somewhere that said I had to do stuff in exchange for God’s love.  If I didn’t do all the right things and say all the right things that it would somehow negate my salvation and I would be cast out of His presense.  I was fighting tooth and nail to be something that in my on strength I could never be anyway.  I was striving, wearing myself out trying to be good enough and getting frustrated and scared by what I could not accomplish.  Insanity, I tell ya.  I now realize, and even moreso on a daily basis, that God’s love for me is constant and the fact that I stumble and fall won’t change that.  God won’t take His love away from me because I’m not good enough to be loved because it’s not about “good enough” anyway.  Even in my finest hour, I could not acheive the righteousness it would take to be worthy of God’s love.  As Paul says, we are only made righteous through Him who had no sin, but became sin in order to make retribution for us (2 Corinthinas 5:21).  And man, let me tell you.  What a relief it’s been to finally grab ahold of that.  It sure turned my heebie-jeebies into Hallelujahs!!  What joy is found in the freedom to just be loved by God!!

Are you fighting for God’s love?  Beloved don’t you see?  His love is freely given.  There will come a day when you will see your Blessed Hope face to face and all the things you didn’t do or say, all the things you screwed up, all the times you totally blew it won’t matter in the least little bit.  All that will matter is that one day you heard the whisper of that sweet voice asking to come in….and you said yes.

2 thoughts on “From heebie-jeebies to Hallelujahs!

  1. I am so glad that you’re blogging as I have always enjoyed reading your posts on FB! I so can relate to this entry…I think that we’ve all dealt with the “I’m not sure I’m going to make it into heaven” thought process at some point in our lives. I thank God everyday that through the death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven of Jesus Christ, I can now have a relationship with Almighty God!

    Thank you for blogging your thoughts! I will be reading and have already bookmarked your site!

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